Wrapping Up Fall

by - November 06, 2017

Did you set your clocks back an hour on Saturday night?  K and I had no idea it was daylight savings until Sunday morning when we both realized that the oven and microwave clocks were reading 10:30 am while our cell phones read 9:30 am.  Us millennials have it so easy, our technology does all the work for us.  With the time change and the sun setting an hour earlier now it's starting to feel like winter is around the corner.  Winter doesn't start until December 21st but still I'm trying to soak up the rest of fall.  The mornings here in Pennsylvania are officially chilly, it has gotten as low as 35 degrees on my mornings walks which is definitely coat weather.  I grab this belted wrap coat regularly when I'm headed out the door these days.  I love a good wrap coat, they transition perfectly from fall into winter, they go with all my hats and are effortlessly chic.  Oh and did I mention my coat only cost $70?   

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