Christmas in New York City

by - December 04, 2017

On Saturday K and I headed to the New York City to enjoy the beautiful city Christmas decorations and lights.  We took the train up which is so easy and affordable.  We live about an hour from a New Jersey Transit train station where the trains run twice an hour to Penn Station, NYC.  The train ride is about 80 minutes and our tickets cost about $30 each, roundtrip.  We got to the city around noon, I had not eaten yet so we grabbed bagels at Best Bagel and Coffee to fuel up for our day of walking.  After bagels we hit Rockefeller, the tree is so impressive even during the day.  There were huge lines of people waiting to get into the Lego store, I thought that was so funny, like why?  The tree is gorgeous and the ice skating rink is cool but my favorite is the angels lined up in the center of the stores surrounding Rockefeller Center.  They are so twinkly!  It was a mild day weather-wise so we walked up 5th Ave to Central Park and took our time in the park.  My favorite store's Christmas decor is Cartier.  They warp the store in a big red bow and put two Cartier panthers on the building, one climbing up the side corner of the store and one sitting on top of the store  So cool!  Tiffany's is always beautiful too.  After walking around the park, grabbing a drink and doing a little shopping, we headed back to Rockefeller Center.  The sun had gone down and seeing the tree all lit up is a must.  The crowds were really in full force, especially in front of Sak's, who puts on a light show.  People literally just stop and pile up in front of Sak's making it a shoulder to shoulder pushing match to get through, so crazy.  We've been to NYC several times during Christmas time but Saturday it was more crowded than our previous visits.  But so worth it.
It was such a fun day, I love New York City!

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  1. This is such a beautiful place! It looks magical, I just love Christmas! :)

  2. Eep I'm going to NYC in 2 weeks and this just got me even more excited! Thanks for sharing!

    xx, Alexandra

    1. I'm so excited for you, be sure to enjoy yourself!