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by - December 08, 2017

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Happy Friday!!  We made it!  
I skipped this round up of fun articles from around the web last week and really missed making it so I'm excited to bring it back.  A little fun reading to kick off the weekend is just what the doctor ordered this week.  Lately I have been reading a lot about health, since I am trying to stay healthy, actually extra healthy during and after the holiday season.  And of course there is some random fun in today's list, I love when the internet can entertain and intrigue me.

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I haven't tried these exact recipes before but have used apple cider vinegar in the past too sooth my over stuffed stomach.  With holiday dinners and parties in full swing in December it's good to have these recipes on deck since we tend to drink a little too much and eat a little too much.  It is important to keep our digestive system healthy.  

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Need some outfit inspiration this article will do it!  The Coveteur always has great fashion advise and these outfits stolen from the streets are on point for the holidays.  I love the mixing of different pieces to make the perfect holiday outfits come together for all different types of parties.  

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How interesting!  This is totally unexpected.  I never in a million years would have thought the French would love Costco.  I had a Costco membership in the past and really liked it but really because of their wine selection (in Ohio), I now live in Pennsylvania where alcohol has to be sold at a state run 'Wine and Spirits' store.  But can you image in the wine you can buy at Costco in France!!!

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Rice, the ever useful jewel found in all kitchens.  It doesn't just suck the moisture out of your salt shaker and your phones dropped water, but it can also suck up the oils that build up in your coffee grinder.  To be honest I can't believe I have't heard of this before.

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It's important to stay on a healthy track during the holidays and winter time.  I know I am not alone that I over eat at times and end up eating four or five holiday cookies instead of a healthy snack.  These recipes are all super easy to make and are a delicious alternative to junk food.  I'm actually headed to the grocery store today to pick up some of these healthy ingredients.

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With the New Year approaching quickly it's time to start setting new goals and keep them guessing.  I am I right?!?  Sometime the goals we set can be over enthusiastic, this article set some clear guidelines and gives great advise on setting realistic goals not only for the New Year, it's a great read.  

Thank you for stopping by, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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