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by - December 15, 2017

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Cheers to Friday friends!
Just in case you need another reminder Christmas is only ten days away.  Are you ready?  Or if you are celebrating Hanukkah, are you having a nice holiday?  I am almost ready all done with my Christmas shopping, although I know what I am getting for my mom and brother I have not bought the gifts yet.  Why?  I d on't know.  Ha!  If you are still looking for gift ideas you visit all of the gift guides I put together this year here or simply search gift guides in the search bar at the top right corner of the blog.  This weeks From Around the Web's round up of articles is geared towards the holidays and the New Year.  New Year's is actually my favorite holiday.  You're thinking it is because I love champange and kisses well you are not wrong but more so I love the idea of a fresh slate or new beginnings.  There is something very magical about New Years's and this is coming from a girl who was single for close to ten years (in between my last boyfriend and my husband) and never had anyone to kiss.  New Years' is just exciting.

I hope you enjoy this weeks fun reading!

There is not a lot I can input on this quick article with out spoiling it.  Just read it, it's cute.  I can say that I think Santa's Reindeer is a mix of both and hopefully after you read the article you'll know the 'both' I'm referring to.

The 85 Most Delish Christmas Cookies
Cookies, cookies and more cookies.  I never have a sweet tooth other than around Christmas time.  It's the strangest thing.  The usual Christmas cookie is a sugar cookie decorated with fun holiday colors but this list is amazing.  It has all sorts of Christmas/ Holiday cookies that will impress any and all family members, friends and coworkers.  My favorites being numbers 5, 14, 21, 24, 40, 53, 65, 72 and 81. 

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15 Things to Get Rid of Before the Holidays
I like this article and it's list because it is important to take inventory and get ride of unused things and donate if possible.  A lot of us have so many things that we don't use and haven't used in years that other, less fortunate people could be so appreciative of.  Coats, boots, blankets and towels are great examples.  One thing that is not on this list is makeup, while you can not donate makeup it's for your health  Makeup expires, you can read more about it here.

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10 Wellness Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2018, According to Pinterest
I have been trying to get ahead on my winter wellness, so I found this article interesting, but don't know if these trends will stick.  Some of these trends are weird, interesting while some are predictable. With Barre studios and Orange Therapy studios being so popular right now I can not see Tai Chi studios opening up left and right, so maybe I'd put this one in the weird catagory.  Not that Tai Chi is weird but that the thought of it being an 'It' workout seems strange.  Although I am totally on board with the yoga wheel. 

Image Via: Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Peek Inside 30 Homes, All Decked Out for Christmas
By now the majority of us have decked our halls, but if you are still looking for holiday decor inspiration this link is it.  It has 30 home tours, yes 30!  I was not able to pick a favorite because I love both modern and classic ideas when it comes to holiday decor.  Plus it's always fun to peak inside someone else home.

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Skinny GG Bran Crackers
I'm sharing this blog post because I bought and have eaten these crackers.  Strangely they really do fill you up.  I often eat an egg white sandwich in the morning and swapped my bread for these crackers.  It was a little messy because they are dry, but considering the calorie count and the other health benefits they are worth it, in my opinion.  This blog post gives you the full run down on all the health benefits these crackers provide.  I bought mine on Amazon and will repurchase them when I run out.  

Thank you for stopping, I hope you all have a fun and love filled weekend!

xxoo Sharon

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