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by - December 13, 2017

Happy humpday friends!
We are half way through the week and I am counting the hours until the weekend.  Anyone else feel the same?  In the spirit of looking forward to the weekend and some fun, I'm sharing a fun gift guide today.  A Gift Guide for Dad's!  My dad, like many other dad's out there basically has everything, so he's tough to shop for but I like the challenge.  His birthday was is September and I took a chance buying his a pair of sneakers I was not sure he'd like.  And low and behold, he never takes them off... well maybe to sleep, I'll have to ask my mom about that.  My father-in-law is also difficult to buy for, but loves to read so a good book is always a good gift, but then again how many years in a row can you gift a book?  I'm excited to gift my dad his present this year, I'm really thinking he's going to love it... keep reading for my gift guide and for what I'm gifting my dad this year.

I was very close to getting this for my dad and still might get it for hime, maybe for Father's Day.  It is a wireless doorbell camera that sends the video feed to your phone, smart pad or computer.  It has a motion activated sensor to let you know when someone is at the door.  This would impress any dad, especially the tech savvy dad.

This pair of Sketchers is either similar or the exact pair of sneakers I just gifted my dad for his birthday.  They are slip on!  One reason I love Sketchers is because they are supportive and are light, like walking on a pillow.  Most of our dads can appreciate a shoe like this because of their age, it's important to have a great pair of shoes on their feet that won't give them back pain or annoying issues.

West Elm and Potery Barn have beautiful frames that you can fill with family photos.  Personal, sentimental gifts are usually the best gifts when it comes from a daddy's girl, they show dad you appreciate and love them.  

A nice personalized bag and travel gear says I'm sophisticated grown up, in my opinion and what dad wouldn't want that.  I especially like the hanging toiletry bag for $62.  And the weekender bag has that separate slot to keep shoes in, away from clothing and other stuff.  

And this is what I got my dad this year.  Fun fact, I'm Puerto Rican, second generation and my father has an accent that sometime Siri and other voice recognition technology does not understand.  But I read great reviews about how Google Home recognizes voices, even when one is sick or has lost their voice.  I think these keeps of technology are going to be more and more common in the average home because they are so affordable, fun and useful, especially for the lazy or for those who want all the answers at their fingertips.  My dad fits in the later.  The Google Home Mini is $30 and also gets great reviews.

This tool is a cute and useful gift.  It would even be great as a stocking stuffer since it is small.  This company also sells personalized pocket knives and other pocket tools.

For the wine loving dad.  This Rabbit comes with extra tools that will make dad look like a pro opening wine.  The Rabbit also offering an aerator for $15 if you want to get really wine fancy.

My husband, my dad and my father-in-law love a good bourbon and love to drink a good bourbon together.  Small batch bourbons are extra special and often impressive because they mights not be the more commony purchased bourbon.  Truth be told Ironclad is owned by my sister-in-law's best friend and is only sold in the state of Virginia.  It is delicious!  I have a bottle of it and K and I enjoy it on special occasions, we also love Blanton's.  

This piece of luggage is so lightweight and easy to travel with.  It's basically perfection if your dad is not easily impressed by the new bells and whistles some of some hard case luggage.  If your dad loves the bells and whistles this luggage gets amazing reviews, it just wasn't for me.  It has a built in charger for phones and such.  But I do prefer the TravelPro it is so lightweight, mobile and you can really pack it to the gills without it becoming to large to pass as carry-on.  

My father-in-law loves to put steaks and burgers on the BBQ!  And he is a pro, like nothing I have ever seen, and I worked in the restaurant industry for almost ten years.  This fork is perfect for the day, like my father-in-law who takes BBQ-ing seriously and is always trying to up his game.  Plus if you gift this to a dad they will hav to test it out by BBQ-ing a great meal and what better test subject than you!

These monthly gifts are some of my favorite gifts to have been on the receiving end of.  If your dad love beer, wine, cheese, cigars, flowers, you name it they have a monthly club for it, priced based on the amount of months you select it be delivered for.  

This is something I should have added in more of my Gift Guide posts and I seriously regret it.  Giving back is  gift.  To be able to gibe to those in crisis or less fortunate is such an important part of our human existence.  I really like this idea for anyone and would receive it as a honor.  The above link is for the Red Cross donations but I also love; Save The Children (which spans outside the US), All Hands Volunteers, Doctors Without Boarders and The American Cancer Society

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed todays post!

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