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by - December 07, 2017

Some of the toughest gifts I have to buy are for my husband, for my brother and my brothers-in-law.  Some men are difficult.  My husband is a simple guy and always says he doesn't want anything, same with my brother.  I like to get these guys gifts that they can use and that aren't just junk.  On black Friday I purchased this laptop for my husband, he needed something simple for his everyday tasks and this laptop gets really great reviews at a great price.  We have a MacBook for more advanced tasks.  Anyway, back to the gift guide, I have put a list of gifts that I like to get for the guys in my life and a couple reasons why.
Happy Shopping!

My husband loves these shirts for winter time.  They look great, even for casual Friday at work and they are soft and warm.  

Whether your guy travels a little or a lot, this bag is perfect.  He'll never need another bag, my favorite part in the separate spot for the shoes.  I also love Herschel book bags for guys.

I've heard nothing but great things about Google Home and ended up buying it for one of the guys on my list.  The reason I bought it opposed to the Amazon Alexa is that I read it is great for a guy with an accent and can recognize different voices for different tasks.  I'm excited to give it to that guy on my list this year and see how he likes it.  

Personally I like boots that can slip on rather than lace up.  I guess I'm lazy.  Boots are so necessary in the winter especially when it snows, this pair comes at a great price and gets great reviews on durability.

Someone on my list also getting these.  Everything North Face does is great quality and these are smart phone friendly.

Puzzles are such a great gift for couples without kids.  Basically it's a gift for the guy that he can share with his partner.  Puzzles are my favorite at home date night with my hubby.

Cozy socks are always a welcome gift.  You always need socks, right?  And these socks are comfy, warm and durable.

If your guy like scotch or whiskey these wedges are a fun gift idea that can take their drinking experience to another level.  I also like the different types of frozen balls.

This article lists 17 books for the guys that they might not have read already.  About 50% of the guys in my life like to read, but even those who don't might get interested in a 'can't put it down' type of book.   

I've mentioned it before, I think subscriptions are great gifts.  Coffee, beer, cheese, chocolate, it's all fun and can be gifted for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Any guy would like hang around the house or workout shorts.  They are a simple gift that are useful and can really fill a void when you can't figure out to get that guy on your list.

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  1. That travel duffel is so perfect!! I love your picks!