Holiday Earrings

by - December 20, 2017

I've always been a lover of big, fun, pretty earrings.  I only have one hole in my ears right now, I had the top of my cartilage pierced over 15 years ago but let it close up.  Should I re-pierce it?  I love the look of little dainty gold hoops through an upper ear.  Over the years I have collected a bunch of great statement earrings, some vintage and some new (at the time) and love to wear them for special occasions.  My top two favorite places to shop for statement earring are vintage stores and Bauble Bar.  I love Bauble Bar!!! (not sponsored)  Bauble Bar recently released a line at Target called Sugarfix, where you can buy a curated collection for a half the price of most of their jewelry.  Music to my ears, because you know I love a good deal.  

This holiday season I plan on wearing three different pairs of earring for three different occasions.  They are three of my favorite pairs, not one of them vintage because I wanted to give you something you could click on and see (maybe add to your cart).  I do plan on sharing my vintage earring collection on day soon, something to look forward to.  
These are the earrings I'll be wearing this holiday season...

I just scooped these earrings up at Forever 21.  They will go perfectly with the dress I plan on wearing to my in-laws next week.  This style earring has been everywhere lately and I had been lusting after the Bauble Bar and Sugar Fix versions for a while now.  Truth be told I still like the Bauble Bar version better than the ones I bought but since I will only be wearing them once or twice a year, I'm happy with them.  

These earrings are actually a couple of years old, from H&M, this pair is almost identical and comes in four colors.  I wear them all the time!  They always come on vacation with me and have hit many dance floors.  The mix of pearl, gold and tassels is so fun and for $12.99 they are a steal.  They compliment an all black look or black dress perfectly by adding some contrast, sparkle and fun.

I saved the best for last, these are my wedding earrings!  Yes, I walked down the aisle and married my husband wearing these earrings.  They are rose gold to match my rings.  I'm crazy about rose gold.  I bought them on a whim, after buying several pairs that were way more expensive but ultimately loved the subtle, daintiness of this pair and once my hair was done they just looked perfect.  I'll be wearing them on New Years's Eve.  My husband and I have a special tradition that we started the year we meet which I get semi dressed up for.  We stay in but I still want to look cute.  We make a special dinner (the same one every year), we dance, we watch the ball drop and drink some great cocktails.  So since NYE is sort of 'our' holiday it seems fitting that I wear my wedding earrings.

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