How To Battle Dry Winter Skin, Hair and Lips

by - December 14, 2017

My beauty routine always changes with the seasons, especially in the winter. My skin changes drastically in the winter.  It was 20 degrees here yesterday but felt more like 6 degrees (per the weather channel) because of the wind.  It was brutal.  The heat in our house was obviously pumping because I work from home and hate to be cold.  I was warm but the down side to the warmth is that the heat is dry and dries out my skin, hair and lips.  To combat this I have made some recent beauty purchases which I love and wanted to share with you.

My face is my major concern when it comes to dry skin.  The more your skin dries out the more it looses collagen, elasticity and can form wrinkles.  Yuck!  Luckily for me when my skin started to develop this new dryness I received a sample of this oxygenating gel cream from Nordstrom.  While I like the cream and the way it made my skin feel, my skin needed more so I started to do my research on the best facial moisturizers for extra dry skin.  I found several articles and reviews stating that Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Gel was recommended by dermatologists when nothing else was working.  This sold me after reading it several times and the price does not hurt.  I have been using it for about three weeks and love it.  I cannot say enough good stuff about it.  It keeps my skin moisturized all day and night and my skin sucks it up.  Also it's not greasy at all and a little goes a long way.  I apply it after I was my face at night and again in the morning before I put anything else on my face.  I will be repurchasing it and hopefully it will keep the wrinkle at bay.  

Even though I found the solution to my facial dry skin I still felt like my under eyes needed a little bit more love.  I have been using this 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream for about a year now, so it's not a new purchase but I have been using it differently and more often.  In the past I was only using it if I had puffiness or extra large bags under my eyes.  I don't often have puffiness, probably because I don't have kids and get ample sleep... ha!  So I was only using it as needed.  Now since my under eyes feel dryer than usual, especially after I put on concealer, I use the eye cream every morning and sometimes at night.  I am still on the hunt for a night time eye cream and will report back.  As for the mornings the Coffee Bean Eye Cream is doing wonders keeping the skin moisturized all day long and makes my under eyes look brighter, my concealer also seems to look better and not falling into my wrinkles.  I love 100% Pure's products because they are all natural and vegan.  I will be repurchasing it soon, because I am running out and I will continue testing out it's effectiveness, in hopes it smooths out some of my existing wrinkles.  

Are your lips dry?  Because mine get extremely dry every winter, it's crazy.  In past winters I have had cracked lip creases several times a winter, they are so painful.  I can actually feel my lips dry up a night because I'm not reapplying lip balm.  Until now.  I am using Dr. Lipp Balm and can tell you that this stuff is the holy grail when it comes to keeping your lips moisturized and protected ALL day long.  The only thing it is missing in SPF but honestly who cares, my lips feel amazing and healthy, I can not tell you how happy it makes me to not have dry, cracked, painful lips.  I apply it once in the morning and it stays on, no need to reapply after a couple cups of coffee or water.  I do find that I need to reapply after eating a sandwich but not when I eat meals using utensils.  I put it on before bed and never wake up with dry lips, cracked lips or a dry cracked feeling.  When it comes to lip balm it is a higher priced item since most lip balms cost $3-$6, but it is worth it.  The story behind this balm is that it was originally a nipple balm, which I find to be interesting.  

On to hair.  I bought this Kristen Ess Leave-in-Conditioner on chance, basically because I was drawn to the packaging while wondering around Target one day.  It is very moisturizing without being oily and is light weight.  So light weight that even when I thought I was overdoing it I did not end up with weighed down hair or with build up.  I'm so happy with it that I might switch out my conditioner for a Kristen Ess Conditioner to see if that helps my dry hair even more.  The smell is nice and not overpowering, it actually fades pretty quickly.  My favorite thing about this leave-in-conditioner is that it makes my hair feel soft and smooth after using it and it detangles. 

I saved good old faithful for last.  Aveeno has so many great products but one that I don't ever really find the need to switch out is their Daily Moisturizing Lotion.  Just read the reviews, just on Target's website alone their are 996 reviews that give this lotion 5 out of 5 stars.  I put it one every morning every night and after every time I was wash my hands.  It really gives you that 'lock in the moisture' feeling without being greasy.  In my mind it is perfect.  It is fragrance free too so it won't fight with your perfume which I appreciate.  I like my perfume.  

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