My Christmas Wishlist

by - December 19, 2017

The holiday season is such a wonderful, giving time of the year, I just love it.  This year I got all of my Christmas shopping done early.  Well, except for my brother I just bought his present Monday night, oops.  With the time I saved by shopping early on I've had some time to think about what I want for Christmas.  Honestly I could make a never ending list of material things I want but that just did not feel right.  What I really want is for others to be happy and healthy.  The holidays always that remind me that I am so fortunate.  For example I am so thankful to not have lost my home in the recent California fires, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma.  I can not imagine what the victims of these disasters are going through and have gone through.  It's the simple things, that are so important.  I have love and a home and so much more and I want others to have that too.  
My Christmas Wishlist includes donations to any of these wonderful organizations...

To Write Love On Her Arms
This organization supports those struggling with depression, addiction, self injury and suicide.  I found their mission statement and story to be inspiring and stuck a cord with me.  A very dear family member of mine struggled with addiction and I am beyond appreciative of organizations like this one who are there to help in a time of need.  I wanted to donate to AA, which is one big reason my loved one is happy healthy right now, but they are self sustaining organization and only accept donations from AA members.  If you are an AA member you can donate here
I'm an animal lover and short of getting another dog for Christmas a donation to any animal rescue organization would make my heart skip a beat.  Even a small donation makes an impact saving animals, especially those abused, needing medical care and emergency situations.  

Red Cross
The Red Cross does so much to help victims of disaster relief (which scares me to death) and so much more.  When you read about disasters striking you always read that the Red Cross is always the first if not second to send out helping responders.  With the the hurricanes and California fires here in the US there are still so many families in need. 

Save The Children
I love Save The Children.  The organization does so much overseas in remote parts of the world, many parts that don't have running water and also good works here in the US.  Their mission statement is touching and inspires hope for the future of the children of the world.  They offer several different ways to donate, you can make a one time contribution, a monthly contribution or go as far as to sponsor a child.  My goal is to sponsor a child sometime soon.

American Cancer Society
If you have not been touched by cancer in your lives you can count yourself as being very lucky.  Cancer can be a devastating disease, without a cure that affects millions of families.  Cancer research is costly as well as treatment and care, any donation can help.  

Make A Wish
I feel like I don't need to explain how special Make A Wish is.  It literally gives a child their dying wish.  Just the thought brings tears to my eyes.  Make A Wish even has local chapters where you can find out how you can help within your own community.  There are so many ways you can donate to this organization, a one time donation, monthly donations, airline mile donations, fund raising and so much more. 

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