New Years Resolution

by - December 28, 2017

Happy Friday friends!  
Did everyone have a fun Christmas?  I had a great time with my family on Christmas Eve and spent this past Wednesday celebrating Christmas (a little late) with my in-laws.  It was a wonderful week.  And just like that Christmas has come and gone.  But good news, my favorite holiday is just a couple days away... New Years!  New Years is such a fun holiday full of love, joy, energy and purposefulness.  K and I don't go out or party hard, we have a little private party for ourselves.  We drink champagne, play music, dance and I make steak with french fries and bearnaise sauce which we enjoy while watching the ball drop.  For me it's a magical night.  

This New Year I have decided to make one resolution.  I'm not crazy about New Year's resolutions because they are often wild, unobtainable goals and I think year round we should be trying to become better versions of ourselves not just with the New Year.  With that in mind I made a simple, obtainable but also kind of hard New Year's resolution.  This year I resolve to try new things without passing judgement first.  This actually has a lot to do with this blog and fashion.  For a simple example,  I don't wear a lot of color, no red, no green, no blue other than navy, no orange, no purple, a little pink and a little maroon.  It's about time I try some new colors and not always rely on my favorite neutral colors, cream, black, grey, tan and white.  Other than experimenting with color in my wardrobe I also am hoping to try a new workout class or two, maybe re-try hot yoga, try the painting with wine class, there is one very close to my house and maybe re-try some flying lessons.  Yes, flying a plane.  Back in the Spring I began flying lessons but after a couple I started to get overwhelmed, I passed to much judgement on myself.  It's time to let that go, let fears go and try again.  I am looking forward to testing out this new resolution and excited to see what it turns up.  

With my New Year's resolution on my mind I purchased this sweater in yellow, an unlikely color for me considering the sweater also comes in some of my go-to's; oatmeal, black and grey.  It also comes in two different pink colors and two different blue colors.  The sweater is soft and cozy and really kept me warm out on the lake after the snow fall we had here in Pennsylvania a week ago.  

Happy New Year!

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