The Best Parkas

by - December 11, 2017

I get so many compliments on this jacket.  People just love it and it's huge faux fur trimmed hood.  K bought it for me last year during one of Nordstrom's big sales.  It is my go to jacket because it's warm and stylish and I love a hood.  My head and my neck have to be warm when I'm out and about in the cold, if not I just don't survive and I'm super uncomfortable.  I've currently been shopping for a new jacket to add into my warm jacket rotation and keep finding myself looking at parkas.  I know!  I already own a beautiful parka but I can't help it, I am just so attracted to the look and I love the color of olive/ army green for the fall and winter.  Since my jacket is no longer available I've listed a bunch of great parkas, most under $200, available now at Nordstrom.  Why Nordstrom only?  Well, K got mine at Nordstrom, they have a amazing selection of parkas right now, they have free shipping and returns and they are one of my favorite stores for quality items.  

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