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by - January 04, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  Did it snow here you are?  Here in Pennsylvania it snowed all day, it looked like a snow globe outside.  The snow flakes were tiny and flying in every which direction.  I shoveled a little with K since the plow company did not come until about 8pm.  But the shoveling wasn't hard, just cold because of the wind.  The snow is the light fluffy kind that as a kid I would have liked to sled in.  It's beautiful to look at in our yard but the streets are another story.  Thankfully I don't commute to work.  Since a lot of us will be inside all weekend due to the snow and cold temperatures I've put together a fun reading list this week.  I hope you enjoy!

Scientists Expect Chocolate to Go Extinct by 2050
Wait... what?  I emailed this article to my mother-law the second I read it.  She is chocolate obsessed.  Last week I asked her what she would have done if when she met me I said I didn't like chocolate.  There was a long pause and a 'well'.  My husband, my father-in-law and I all laughed so hard.  Lucky for her I like chocolate but truth be told if this article was saying that cheese would be extinct by the year 2050, I would be DEVASTATED, while this article I simply find interesting.  And click here for the rebuttal article.

Image Via: Food and Wine

Asking for a Friend: How Much Caffeine Is Too Much?
Do you drink coffee?  I do.  I think I drink an above average amount of coffee.  I could drink it all day, until it is time to switch over to wine.  Kidding of course but I really can drink coffee until about 5pm, no jitters, no sweaty palms and no sleep problems.  Every once and a while I'll get a coffee at a coffee shop that is super strong and makes my heart race.  Also K was making strong coffee for us here at home a while back but hasn't in a while.  I was calling it crack coffee, it really made me race around and then crash.  It looks like one would have drink an insane amount of coffee to have real coffee related health issues so bottoms up!

Image Via: The Thirty

Here's the science behind why it's been so cold lately
Bad new, if you live in the US you are probably experiencing unusually cold temperatures for your area and yes it's just the US.  I like the word'misplaced' that is used in this article.  It seems as though the cold hitting US is misplaced.  Dear Siberia, please come and get your cold which you seem to have 'misplaced'.  Thank you, signed Sharon and Bella.

Bacon Cheeseburger Dip
I'll be making this recipe for the NFL football playoffs this weekend.  The recipe looks easy and delicious.  I'll go back to counting calories on Monday.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out When You Just Want to Stay on the Couch
As we all are trying our hardest to keep our health related New Years resolutions here are some simple, straight forward tips to get us off the couch.  It's very easy to become sediment beings this time of year because of the cold weather and the feeling of wanting to cuddle up, but it is important to stay active.  I believe anyplace one can find inspiration to stay motivated is a good place.  If you don't go to the gym or swear that you don't have time to workout there are a million at home workouts that take less than 20 minutes on You Tube.  When I don't get to the gym I do sit ups, squats and push ups at home, something is better than nothing.

These Are All Of Queen Elizabeth's Homes
Get ready for some serious home envy.  These photos are stunning.  Spoiler there are not any interior photos but the article does explain the use of each home.  It's hard to pick a favorite of all of these homes.  I wonder if Queen Elizabeth had any serious updates to these homes.  She must have, like they must have nice TVs and appliances.  I'd like to see the dogs quarters, I bet they are bigger than my bedroom.

Image Via: Elle Decor

7 Simple Ways to Sound Like You Know Everything About Wine
I worked in the restaurant industry for a long time in my 20's and I drink a good amount of wine but I consider myself average when it comes to wine knowledge.  If your like me and looking to brush up on wine language or need to learn wine language for the first time this article is great.  Even if you're not into wine the language is fun and the wine process is very interesting.

Image Via: In Style

Everything coming to Netflix in January
And finally the important stuff!  Breakfast At Tiffany's is now on Netflix!!!!  Along with a bunch of other great movies.  This article breaks down every movie/ series/ TV show coming to Netflix this January based on the release date.  Mark your calendars, grab some wine or hot cocoa and get cozy.

Thank you for stopping by and stay safe in the snow (if you got snow) this weekend!

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