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by - January 18, 2018

Have I mentioned that I am crazy about taking take of my skin.  It is an extension of how I like to stay fit and healthy.  Skincare is important to me but not just for vanity.  I think that your skin, because it is the body's largest organ, is a reflection of your overall health.  I like to try skincare products that get good reviews and don't buy skincare products based on advertisements, so these are my honest opinions.  Because of the winter weather I am currently dealing with dry skin and because I am turning 35 this year I am very concerned with fine lines and wrinkles.  I would like to prolong the days of fillers and botox.  

What sold me on this toning lotion is that is that it is made up of 18 peptides (for example collagen) and hyaluronic acid.  It also is free of parabens, sulfates,  phthalates, oil and alcohol.  My main concern is my smile lines and it has lightened and lifted them enough that I can say I have noticed a difference.  I try to apply it twice a day as it suggests but sometimes I forget so I'd say I use it once a day and I am barely through a fourth of the bottle.  A little goes a long way, which is a quality I love in a product.  I'm hoping that by the time I am finished with this bottle that my smile line have diminished significantly.  If I had to say on scale of 1 to 10 how much this product has lifted my smile lines, 10 being no smile lines (the impossible), I'd give it a 6.  That might sound low but that's great considering I've only been using it for a month or less and don't use it as often as it suggests.  Fingers crossed by the time I finish this bottle, which might take 6 months or more, I can rate it a 9 (the most realistic highest rating).  I use this product during my nighttime routine after I wash my face, I use a nighttime moisturizer on top of it after it soaks in and dries. 
This is the holy grail of face make up in my opinion.  And for so many reasons.  If you have read some of my previous beauty posts I mentioned that this Nars concealer was my favorite face makeup product on the planet.  Well this It Cosmetics CC Cream has surpassed the Nars concealer by leaps and bound.  And yes I still love my Nars concealer, but here's why this CC cream is the best.  It has, SPF (!), it's very moisturizing, it leaves your skin looking dewy and fresh, it gives full coverage without being heavy and it blends in so flawlessly that it doesn't look like you are wearing any product.  It is the perfect everyday product, I promise and if you don't believe me just read the reviews.  When I wear this CC cream I look like I'm not wearing makeup but have smooth, even and dewey looking skin and if you don't like dewy just use less or use a setting powder.  When I apply this CC cream I pump one small squirt onto this beauty sponge and lightly blend it in, focusing on areas that need coverage like my under eye circles and any acne scars.  If I feel like I have used to much of the product I just blot it off.  It's a fool proof product that delivers amazing results.  It also helps to fight signs of aging because it contains hyaluronic acid and other skincare antioxidants.

Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream $30
I was in the market for a new eye cream so I purchased this one after a couple of my friends said it really helped with the dark circles under their eyes.  At first I did not like it, it was a little drying on me.  But now that I have changed how I use it I see why so many people say it diminishes the dark circles under their eyes.  It is a lightly tinted cream that soaks right into the under eye skin and at first it made my under eyes feel dry.  My skin has been very dry lately so I've had to change my morning routine and I started using a light swipe of organic coconut oil on my face, then I apply this cream under my eyes and it makes my eyes look refreshed and reduces my dark circles, I'd say by 90%.  It seems to have a light shimmer or glow to it that makes the light reflect off my eyes making them look bright.  And even with the coconut oil it still soaks in.  I'm liking using it in the morning and even use it a night sometimes.   

Aveda Shampure™ Dry Shampoo $31
To be honest I've had this dry shampoo for over six months now but have only recently started using it more regularly.  I am working out more these days and my workouts are hard, I've been really pushing myself, which means I'm sweating.  Strangely my body doesn't sweat, but my head does, especially on my hair line.  This means that my hair is always a little more oily looking than I'd prefer and since I only wash my hair 3 or 4 days a week I need a dry shampoo to suck up that oil.  I have dark drown hair and love this dry shampoo because on little puff of it can cover up a lot of oily hair and it blends in.  Making it blend in takes some work, I often use a small dry wash cloth to make sure I don't have white spots in my hair.  It leaves my hair manageable and normal looking, which is what I want.  In the past I've used dry shampoo's that make my hair dry and stiff and just gross but this one gives it a little texture without being to powerful.  It's another one of those products that a little goes a long way.  It also smells fresh and clean.  My hair stylist told me she also uses it to add volume to a clients hair when she does up do's.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Facial Charcoal Cleanser $10
This facial cleanser is one I will always have in rotation.  I use it in the shower once a week or once every two weeks, depending on the condition of my skin.  I use a squirt of the cleanser on a wash cloth and scrub my face in circles, gently.  It's almost like an at home microdermabrasion.  It leaves my skin raw (in a good way) fresh and clean.  It really scrubs out built up dirt and oil that everyday cleansers might not get.  This cleanser has little jojoba spheres which feel like sugar granules on the skin.  I've been using for a while now, maybe a year but decided to share today because we use so many moisturizers this time of year that a good scrub once a week or once every two weeks is needed to remove dead skin cells and build up from creams.  I've read the reviews and people with acne problems use it more often and love the results.  

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  1. so many great products!
    i want to try the olay eye cream
    great review

  2. Thank you Natalie! I love your blog, I'm headed over to read a little now. I also very jealous of your Australian summer. Haha!