Some Of My Favorite Christmas Gifts!

by - January 01, 2018

Happy 2018 everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's.  I sure did.  K and I had a nice relaxing weekend and spent New Year's Eve doing a puzzle, drinking champagne, eating steak as we waited for the ball to drop.  It was perfect.  I also got a chance to really get into my Christmas gifts and try them all out.  It is impossible for me to pick one favorite gift so I've decided to share a couple fun gifts I received this Christmas.  

My mom gifted me these black jeggings and to be honest I was apprehensive about them a first.  I don't own jeggings like this that don't have a zip fly.  But of course my mom's fashion radar was spot on and these jeggings fit like a glove, are comfortable and make me look skinny!  They are a mid-rise jegging that feel like jeans, thicker than most jeggings I have tried on in the past.  Basically they look like jeans and are warm like jeans with more stretch in the thighs and waistband.  I just might buy another pair in black as a back up, I'm always spilling stuff on myself. 

This hand and body cream my sister-in-law got me is incredible!  It is all natural and smells soothing.  Yes, soothing, it smells like a cool, crisp spa at a jungle resort in Belize or somewhere amazing like that.  The scent she gifted me is 'stress relieving cool spring'.  The consistency is more like balm, in my opinion, than a cream.  It is very thick, probably because they use beeswax as a base.  A little smug goes a long way on my hands and makes them feel so smooth.

Just in time for all my health and fitness goals of 2018 my bother and his girlfriend gifted me these high rise workout tights.  And I love them!  I prefer high rise pants for fitness activities like yoga and lifting when me pants seem to fall a little.  Plus high rise pants really smooth out my gut.  The lattice detail is such a pretty touch that it makes me even more motivated to stay on track with my workouts because I have cute gear to wear.

I have to hand it to K (my husband), he always gets me gifts that I have been meaning to get for myself.  This year he got me this parka jacket in black and I have already been wearing it everyday.  It has been below 20 degrees here is Pennsylvania so a new jacket to put into my rotation was much needed.  The parka is so warm and cozy, it has several pockets for all of my stuff and the cutest faux fur lined hood.  

And the most interesting gift idea goes to my other sister-in-law (K's sister) for this wine preserver aerosol.  Genius!  It keeps an opened bottle of wine (or other spirits) fresh and flavorful by replacing the air with a carbon dioxide mixture.  K and I drink a decent amount of wine, especially on Fridays but don't always finish a bottle.  Now I can use this aerosol to keep my opened bottles that sit on the counter for a couple days, tasting like they were just uncorked.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and thank you for stopping by!

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