Wishlist Wednesday - Vacation Mode

by - January 23, 2018

Happy Wishlist Wednesday friends!
I am off to Florida in about two weeks for a quick vacation and I can hardly wait.  I really need the sun and some beach time.  I don't need a bunch new things for vacation because I getaway often and have a pretty good vacation wardrobe.  What I really need is a couple good staple pieces and a couple fun accessories.  I love to travel with two pairs of shorts, a couple tees (the good basics) and accessories that make my repeat outfits look fresh and new.  I traveled to Mexico a couple years ago with a duffle bag similar to this one and a large purse.  Everyone I met including the flights attendants were amazed that I traveled with so little.  For an outfit example, I just bought a grey cotton slip dress at H&M that could be worn on the beach as a cover-up and later in vacation with a light sweater for a night out to dinner or with nothing but the right earrings and big hair for a night out dancing.  And shoes are always kept minimal when I head to the beach, I usually don't bring heels.  Here are a couple things I've had my eye on to add to my vacation wardrobe...
Happy Shopping!

I just bought these shorts and I am waiting for them to arrive.  I bought them because last summer I saw my sister-in-law wearing a similar pair, just full length and I loved the look.  So casual, free and flowy.  And I don't own anything like this so for $10 they were a no brainer!

Sorry for another Forever 21 piece, I know everyone doesn't love Forever 21 but I do.  They have some great items if you are willing to take the time and look or make frequent returns.  Last winter I ordered a bikini from Forever 21 and it is one of my favorites!  It is so cute and well made I can not believe it was $30.  The top is what really attracted me to this suit, it's so flirty and sweet but still beach sexy.  

Jean Shorts $55
For me cut-offs are a must.  I wear them on every vacation and all summer long.  One of my favorite looks, a look I feel most comfortable in is a pair of cut-offs with a sweater.  These shorts are high rise that accent a waist but are long around the thighs so no cheeks are ever hanging out.  

Rounded V-Neck Tee $25
A simple, perfect, comfy tee.  It comes in ten different colors and sizes from XXS to XXL and separate petite sizes.  It gets four out five stars from almost 1000 reviews.  Since I am stripe obsessed this one is in my my cart.  

Ankle Strap Sandals $50
This pair of sandals would look so great on some nice tanned feet.  I have a tan pair but will definitely need the white pair.  These sandals are so comfortable, I've walked miles in my tan pair.

Soludos Original Stripe Slip $30
These espadrilles are preppy and boho at the same time, I love them!  They also come it a black and white version.  Soludos espadrilles usually run anywhere from $50 to $110 so a $30 pair is a steal.

Bamboo Handbag $40
Have you seen this bag before?  It was very popular with fashionistas last summer, but not this version, this is the dupe.  The original that everyone was buying last summer was by Cult Gaia for $138.  Gosh, I love a good dupe!

Earrings $9
I always pack several pairs of earrings to the beach.  They are a statement accessory that can elevate any outfit.  I often wear my hair up on vacation because of the wind or laziness.  Statement earrings always take the attention away from my hair and make me look more put together than I actually am.  Plus bright colors like this blue always look beautiful against freshly tanned or pinked skin (I get tanned, my husband gets pinked).

Perfect Summer High Rise Ankle Jeans $98
Someone recommended these jeans to me the other day so of course I headed to Nordstrom to try them on.  They do have a summer-time look just like their name implies, but they are also very soft.  I did not buy them but am now regretting it after seeing them on two other blogs that I read.  The selling points on these jeans is that a) they are comfortable and soft b) they are flattering to any body type (based on my try on, my friends pair and the other bloggers who have worn them) and c) they give off casual summer vibes.

Sunglasses $120
I know, I know, this a bit of a splurge compared to some of my other buys but they look like they'd be worth it.

Paper Straw Hat $25
Do you like hats?  I love them but know other's who don't.  They aren't the easiest to travel with because they can loose their form.  My trick is to pack small soft things like scarves, sweaters, sock or bathing suits in them and pack flat things like tee shirts and jeans around the brim to keep it level and flat.  Does that make sense?  This hat has pretty pom details on the brim that add a little flare to any look.  Plus a hat can always mask a bad hair day.

Fishtail Hem Cover-Up Maxi Dress $68
When I saw this dress I knew I had to add it to todays Wishlist.  It looks like vacation to me.  Simple, flowy and chic.  A big hat, big sunnies and a great tan paired with this dress, that's what I'm picturing.  You know the dress flowing in the beach wind and all.  

V-neck Jumpsuit $70
The flared bottoms really got me when I saw this jumpsuit.  The statement is beachy and cool.  I can imagine it with big platform espadrilles like thesethesethese or these and statement earrings. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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