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by - February 22, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  I am back with another installment of 'From Around The Web'.  I love to put these together, I read a lot of articles on the internet daily but often after a question pops in my head.  Like earlier this week I randomly Googled 'Diddy lays down at the Met gala'.  Do you remember this image?  I have no idea why I was Googling it but here it is; Diddy.  Other silly topics I Google are things like, 'where to travel this Spring', 'how much is Nene Lekes worth?', 'how should I store my sweaters?'... you get the point.  This week I stumbled upon some fun articles about wine, travel, food, books and Netflix.  Also earlier this week I stopped by Old Navy and tried on a couple things.  If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen some of what I tried on already and you can shop my Instagram looks by downloading the Like To Know It App.  When I stopped by Old Navy I loved four pieces I tried one; this striped sweaterthis slub knit sweater in cremethis cactus print button up and this heart print button up.  The sweaters are similar in texture and oh so soft.  They are actually perfect for Spring.  Striped sweaters are really have a moment right and for that price you don't over pay for a trend.  The button ups are also similar, light and comfortable.  I was able to style them both a couple different ways.  Both prints are cheeky and would look so nice with jeans or jean shorts for Spring and Summer.  And a honorable mention to this striped blazer which was a little large on me (xs) but still very flattering.

Happy reading!

16 Best Wines for Beginners To Make You Look Fancy On A Budget
Wine is so delicious and simple but can get complicated if you are drinking with someone who knows a lot about wine.  Have you ever hosted a dinner with and attendee that has incredible wine knowledge?  It can be intimidating.  This article gives great tips and actual wine brands and types that will impress those winos.  

Image Via: Local Goods Chicago

Dessert Recipes For Your Slow Cooker. Because Yes, We Can.
I bookmarked this one for future dinner parties.  Dessert can be such a time consuming dish to make and if it can be made in the slow cooker and still be delicious... sign me up!

Image Via: Huffington Post

The 6 Most Beautiful New Hotels in the Southern U.S.
A couple years ago my girlfriend drove across the US with some friends.  Since she returned and told my husband and I all her travel stories we have officially put a bunch of US cities on our travel bucket list.  The South can be classy and charming, warm and full of life, much like the hotels in this article that deserves a read.

This is what it takes to become an Emirates first-class flight attendant, according to a current employee
I have never flown Emrites but really want to.  My brother-in-law who travels a ton for work says Emrites is really a treat.  This article was an interesting read and I can see women having a lot opinions on Emrites' wardrobe and makeup, especially in this political climate... any thoughts (after reading it)?
Image Via: Business Insider

Old-School Tableside Service Is Making a Comeback
Have you ever been to a restaurant and been offered pepper by your server from a large pepper mill to flavor your meal and accepted nodding 'that's plenty... thank you' all the while a small pepper shaker sits on the table?  Read this article, table service is part of the experience. 
Image Via: Food and Wine

Netflix for March: What's new and expiring
You can thank me later for keeping you up to date.
Image Via: Usa Today

31 of the Best New Books You Should Read This Spring
Did you make a New Years Resolution to read more this year?  If you did, you are not alone.  I read often but not often enough.  This summer I hope to read at least four books with some guidance from this article. 
Image Via: Pop Sugar

Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

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