Happy Birthday To My Husband

by - February 09, 2018

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  I left work two hours early took him out for cocktails, then I dropped him of at a spa for a massage, then he came home to me and a perfectly cooked rack of ribs and an expensive bottle of Cabernet.  The ribs I cooked were a recipe I stole from my brother and with his permission I'll share the recipe sometime soon.  I decided to cook for him instead of go out because it was a Thursday night and Saturday afternoon we are leaving for Florida so an easy night of love was the correct call.  My husband, aka K, takes all of my photos for the blog and for my Instagram (if your not following me on Instagram you should, wink) and is extremely supportive with this endeavor of mine.  He even bought a Nikon camera to take my photos and is always helping me proof read my posts.  I've mentioned this before, but I can not say it enough, I am one lucky girl and I am so grateful to have him by my side.  He is my best friend which is such a great thing but he also has the cutest butt which some would say is more important (sarcasms of course).  I want to take this day to dedicate it to him so in post I'll be answering some common questions people ask us and sharing some fun photos from our time together...
I hope you enjoy!

Q: How did you two meet?
A: K and I met on the online dating site, OkCupid.  After our second date we were in separable, seriously, he came my apartment everyday after work and eventually we moved in together.

K and I in Miami for my 30th Bday 2013

Hiking with Bella 2014

Q: Where did you get married?
A: Our ceremony was at Peace Valley Park in Doylestown, Pa and our reception was at The Golden Pheasant Inn, in Erwinna, Pa. 

Christmas 2014

Q: How did Bella adjust to K?
A: I took about a day or two for Bella to adjust.  We spent 8 years just her and I so she didn't love giving up her extra space in my queen size bed but she was instantly obsessed with his warmth.  She loves to cuddle with him.  I still remember the first time he took her on a walk without me, she turned around at the front door and looked back at me, as if she was asking if it was ok.  He walks her a lot so she got used to him that way too.  Surprisingly she was not territorial over me but she is crazy jealous.  If we hug and kiss she barks at us!

Costa Rica 2015

Tulum, Mexico 2015

Q: What was your first trip together?
A: Miami for my 30th bday.  We went to Cabo a couple months later for K's 30th bday.

Chichen Itza 2015

The Leaning Tower of Pisa 2016

Q: What do you cook for K?
A: We try to eat healthy so right now we are eating a lot of bean based dishes, pasta and veggies.  As soon as Spring hits we'll eat more lean fish.  K does not like chicken so we treat ourselves with pork dishes or burgers every once and a while.  Right now we are loving Buddha bowls mixing it up when it comes to the beans and veggies. 

K, my dad and my brother in Monte Carlo, France 2016

K and I in Marseille, France 2016

Q: Are you going to have children? (we get this allll the time)
A: I am going on 35 this year and I have come to the conclusion that if it hasn't happened for us already it just was not in the cards.  Neither of us really, really want children or don't want children, we just want things to happen naturally and so far no babies. 

Our Wedding Day 10.8.2016

Q: Any relationship advise?
A: Do things together, pick your battles, always say please, thank you and I'm sorry.  Listen!

Tulum, Mexico 2017

Chios, Greece 2017

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Have a lovely weekend!

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