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by - March 11, 2018

I hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend ended up being pretty nice.  I got to say goodbye to my Mom Mom at her funeral, which was touching and emotional.  I got to spend quality time with my mother-in-law, it was her mother that passed.  And on Sunday K and I took some time to really relax.  The sun was shining all weekend so we managed to get in some long doggie walks.  

Last Monday I had the day off from work and ended up at Nordstrom.  I had an item to return but also needed to do some Spring shopping.  I was on the hunt for a pair of jean shorts that are flattering and cover my behind properly.  I'm turning 35 this year so classy but stylish is what I am aiming for.  I tried on several pairs of shorts and found a great pair that I can not wait to wear all Spring and Summer long.  I also tried on this dress in the photo above and loved it.  They only had red and black in store so I am trying to decide whether I want to order the white or lilac color... any thoughts?

Before I get the jean shorts here are some random tops I grabbed and really liked...

I already posted this sweater to my Instagram, people really loved it and it is currently sold out at Nordstrom but I did find it in select sizes here and here.  I hope Nordstrom restocks it soon because it is a perfect Spring sweater, the colors are light and airy and and the texture is so soft.

The floral patchwork on this sweater is very sweet and delicate.  I think it would be great year round but especially for Spring.  I have so many black sweaters because I just love black so I left this one behind, maybe K will see this post and get it for me (just kidding).

I thought this off the shoulder sweater was such a fun and bright color and also a flattering style.  You could wear this simply with leggings and mules, looking stylish and comfy all Spring long.  It's actually a sweatshirt material and comes in grey, a striped grey color and teal.  I didn't buy it because I just bought an off the shoulder sweater (remember this one) and I didn't want to seem too repetitive.

I tried on this tee in both pink and white, for two reasons; the color and the fit.  I tried on the pink in size xxs and the white in size xs.  Both colors were flattering, the white a little see through.  The tee is loose and relaxed and the v neck is perfect, not too low.  The xxs was tighter in the arms and a little shorter so it did not look great untucked.  This tee gets amazing reviews, over 1.4K reviews and get 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Basically everyone loves this tee and it's only $20.  I am usually an extra small so I'd say the tee runs true to size although the xxs small also fit well.  

Now for the jean shorts...

First up was this pair of Mom jeans which I loved in length but since I am not curvy they did nothing for my shape.  For a woman who has some hips I would suggest these.  They are comfy and cover the behind with out looking long.  I can see young mother's liking this pair for it's simplicity, style and coverage.

I also tried these Mom jeans on in the darker wash (not pictured) and the white denim.  I liked the color of the dark wash but again too boxy on me but for some reason I think I might want the white shorts.  Maybe the white looked good boxy on my non existent hips?  The white denim is not see through at all, it's a thick durable jean, great for everyday wear. 

 I really liked the boyfriend fit of these shorts.  Loose fitting and relaxed around the thighs without looking puffy.  But for me the distressing was to much.  They properly cover the booty so they are still great for active, everyday wear.  They almost look baggy so I suggest sizing down if you prefer a tighter fit.  I liked the loose look though, sometimes wearing loose fitting clothing can make you look smaller.

 I have read so many great reviews on this pair of boyfriend shorts.  They are only $55 and supposedly rival these very popular shorts that are $128.  I liked the shorts a lot but they were very large in my waist.  I thought I grabbed a size to large but when I asked the sales lady who was helping me she seemed sure it was the smallest size (they only had a couple sizes in store).  If I had left the store without a pair of shorts I would have gone online and ordered these in their smallest size asap.  Just to double check.  Top Shop has strange sizing so unfortunately, with this pair, I don't sizing suggestions but I would suggest this pair because of the fit through the legs and the style.  They look great!  And also come in black.

And last but not least this is the pair I bought.  I am a Levi's lover and these shorts were actually the first pair I grabbed when I walked into the store.  They fit true to size and have a slight stretch to them.  They cover the behind and still look cute.  I couldn't be happier.  In my opinion these shorts are timeless, just like it says on the website.  I will definitely do an outfit blogpost using these shorts as soon as it get warm enough outside.  

I hope you enjoyed today's post! 

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