Florals For Spring... Groundbreaking

by - March 04, 2018

Here in Pennsylvania it snowed on Friday and it was a wild storm.  It started as rain and sleet that turned into sleet and snow and then just when the snow stopped, when you thought the worst was over, the wind became very intense.  Gusts as high as 40 miles per hour.  The storm left many homes in the area without power, luckily we never lost power for more than five minutes.  And just like that, on Saturday morning the sun came out and melted away most of the snow.  It's a great feeling when the sun comes out like that.  It makes me think Spring is just around the corner and I am over here busting out all of Spring wardrobe favorites.  I purchased this floral embroidered top last summer and it has been restocked!  If that wasn't enough good news, it is also on sale for $11, yes $11.  The details of this top are amazing, the sleeves and the neck have a lace trim and the sleeves flutter a bit.  The floral embroidery is just perfect for Spring and high quality, I've washed the top several times.  I also just ordered these black skinny jeans and am so impressed with them.  They fit true to size, are stretchy and slimming.  My bag is vintage, I swear vintage straw bags are the best straw bags. Since I have my eye on a new straw bag for this Spring I have rounded up 10 of my favorite straw bags from around the web in the outfit details below.  
Happy Monday!

Outfit Details:

Straw bags:

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  1. Your top is so cute! I remember the weather being that way when I lived in Pennsylvania as well, good to see you enjoyed the sun <3


    1. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words!

  2. Love that top for Spring and such a crazy good price! And what a great roundup of straw bags!

    1. Such a crazy price, right! I am kind of straw bag obsessed, thank you for stopping by.