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by - March 22, 2018

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Happy Friday friends!  
What are your weekend plans?  I don't have much planned other than a shoot for my Monday outfit post.  It just snowed here in Pennsylvania, about 7 inches, so although I want to shoot a Spring outfit we will see if the weather permits.  Other than the snow, the big news in our household this week was that K and I switched out our dining room chandelier.  We had this chandelier from Lowes in our dining room for over two years!  And I really never liked it.  I like a more modern/ mid century modern look.  On Wednesday K installed this chandelier from West Elm in the two tone style with globe LED bulbs.  I honestly don't know why it took us two years to make the upgrade (one of the mysteries of the world) but it is definitely a HUGE upgrade and I could not be happier with the look.  West Elm is one of my favorite shops to shop for home goods, we also own this console table, these nesting tables, these nightstands, this dresser, this tray and several vases which are no longer sold.  I am kind of a crazy vase hoarder as well as a throw pillow hoarder.  In my opinion vases and throw pillows are the key to switching up spaces in your home depending on the season or your mood.  Vases and throw pillows are two of my weaknesses, my poor husband, along with wine.  And on that note... it's Friday and time for a round up of fun and interesting articles 'From Around The Web' that I've read this week and want to share with you!  And a bonus I've added ten Spring dresses that I am lusting after, at the end, all different styles and different price points.  

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