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by - March 08, 2018

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Happy Friday friends!  K and I are headed to Mom Mom's funeral today.  If you remember from last Friday's post, Mom Mom passed away as I was writing that post.  She was a very sweet woman who was my Mom Mom by marriage and accepted me with open arms.  She was absolutely lovely to me the first time I met her and she reminded me of my own grandmother who passed away about ten years ago.  Mom Mom passed away at the age of 93, so although we miss her terribly, I celebrate her and the amazing life she lead.  She told me many stories about her life and without divulging too much I can tell you that she was a very strong woman who was giving and loving, almost to a fault.  She was a very independent and accepting and she made me laugh like crazy.  A little funny story about Mom Mom... she hated mornings!!  More than anyone I've ever met (more than you, Mom!), she never got up before 10 am (for over 50 years).  Here's the kicker.. her service tomorrow is at 10 am!!!  She would have been rolling her eyes at the timing.

K is doing well with the passing of Mom Mom (his grandmother) and I'm trying to be a good wife and be there for his mother and his family as well.  Losing a loved one is tough but I try and focus on the positive and when I think about Mom Mom all I can see is her smile.  Another little side note about Mom Mom, she was 4 foot something and is the only person in my K's family that ever made me feel tall.  They are all over 5'7... ha!

This week I've rounded up some fun and interesting articles from Around The Web and I hope you enjoy...

8 of Our Favorite Sick Day Movies and What to Eat While Watching
So many great movies on this list, my favorite, as pictured, is 13 Going On 30!!!  I love the music in that movie and I think Jennifer Garner is such a cutie.  The food pairings are pretty creative and worth a try because a sick day is better if you can at least laugh at a good movie and enjoy some comforting food.

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I plan on altering this recipe and posting (if it comes out good) soon.  The recipe is such a good idea and I think changing up a couple vegan items for their dairy full counterparts.  Not all, just some.  And I think the bread is an important component, so I'll be searching for the right roll, maybe buttery, maybe brioche?

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The 105 Best Tools to Start Your Business in 2018
I don't know where to start with this list but I have bookmarked it and suggest you do too.  Even if you are not starting your own business or have your own business, it has so many great tools, all for different reasons that could help anyone.   Mainly life tools, programs and apps for organization and finances.  I learned a lot about what's out there and learned about some very reputable resources.

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7 Epic Waterfalls That Are Definitely Worth Chasing
In the mood for Wanderlust?  These photos are so beautiful and might teach you a little something about geography, which is always fun.  

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Any Bean, Any Broth, Any Way (No Recipe Required)
I swear by this food formula (especially October through March) and love that Food 52 put it into a comprehensive article.  We eat a lot of beans in my house, they are full of protein low in fat and mix well in soups with high potency greens like spinach and kale.  I especially like the part, in this article, where they suggest the proteins.  In my opinion, when it comes to soups and stews, sausage is the best protein to add.  Andouille sausage or Chorizo being my top two.  

Image Via: Food 52

Are You Making These Common Résumé Mistakes?
Writing a résumé seems like an easy formula we all learned at some point in our education but mistakes can be made even by the most seasoned professional.  It's important to read articles like this to stay up to date and learn how to get that job you want.  Especially with how quickly the job scene changes due to technology and social media.

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Thank you for stopping by and listening to me run on about Mom Mom.  I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Those waterfalls looks beautiful. And that buffalo cauliflower po boy looks delicious!

    xx Freja