The Best Relationship Advice I've Ever Received

by - March 13, 2018

I learned this lesson several years ago, before I met K.  I was going through a difficult time after a very difficult breakup.  I was little depressed, a little lost but I also felt free, which was confusing me and making the other relationships in my life suffer.  I basically was not able to communicate properly.  This made me feel even more lost, so I sought help.  I saw a therapist for about two years and learned a lot.  After a couple sessions with my therapist, after moving past my breakup, our goal was to resolve the issues within my then current relationships.  My most important relationships at that time (and now, with the exception of my husband) were with my parents, my brother and my friends.  When I was discussing our communication issues my therapist said to me, I know your sorry, you know your sorry, they know your sorry, but DID YOU SAY I'M SORRY?  

I had not.  I am sorry is not implied.  It needs to be said and it needs to be heard.  Often within a relationship such as husband and wife, it is important to say 'I'm Sorry' and 'You Are Right'.  Most people need to hear from you that you understand what they were saying and that you understand that you were wrong.  The latter half I did not learn until recently so I cannot call it advice but I'll give it as advice.  'I'm Sorry' is also one of those phrases you do not want to over use.  I've read many articles about women over using the phrase, this article says over apologizing is a sign of anxiety.  But when it is used with purpose it is extremely important and how it is said is extremely important.  Saying 'I'm Sorry' is easy once you get the hang of it but meaning it and showing it are completely different than just saying it.  Showing someone that you are sorry can be hard work but it is worth it, it will not only make the other person feel better by your efforts but you will feel better too.  

I know this might seem like simplistic advise but often in our busy lives we forget to treat the ones we love with the highest amounts of respect.  Unconditional love is real but feelings can still be hurt so the words 'I'm Sorry' and 'You Are Right' can mend the bends of the heart.  

This is a personal piece, I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist, these are solely my experiences and my opinions.  All said with the purpose of positivity. Thank you for reading and stopping by!

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  1. As effective but a positive spin could be to say "Thank you!" Thanks for love and support; thanks for hanging in there. Giving thanks expresses your appreciation and improves relationships with gratitude.