At Home Spa Day

by - April 03, 2018

When I am not working I try to get the most out of my days off.  Like most people I am off twice a week and on one of those days off I 99% off the time give myself an At Home Spa Day.  It's a simple and inexpensive to treat yo' self!  I like to start my days off with a good and sweaty workout in the morning.  My workout makes me feel like I have deserved a couple hours of pampering and relaxation.  This step by step guide to an At Home Spa Day will list the products I am currently using but only for guidance, there are so many great products out there that can be swapped in or out.  This post is not about the products but is really about the steps.  

Step 1. I wash my face, right now I'm using this cleanser and I am really liking it.  It's gentle on the skin but does sting your eyes so be careful and rinse well.  This cleanser leaves my skin clean feeling and refreshed without feeling dried out.  I also like this cleanser.

Step 2. I steam my face lightly by pouring boiling water into a bowl, draping my face over the bowl covering my head with a medium sized towel.  I keep my head here for 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep during this step and I should probably wear swimmies to prevent drowning (ha).

Step 3. Time to exfoliate!  I use this mask which not only exfoliates but also deep cleans your pores.  I mix it as per the directions with apple cider vinegar but have mixed it with water in the past and it works just as well (some people hate acv's smell).  This mask takes a good amount of time to dry and will pull at your face, that means it's working.  While my mask is drying I dry brush my whole body.  I have been doing this on and off for a couple years now after reading several articles that said models like Miranda Kerr dry brush every morning for glowing, soft and cellulite free skin.  When I am drying brushing my body regularly I can see a big change in my skin, especially my butt and thighs.  Before a bikini necessary vacation I step up my dry brushing and have seen cellulite and small dimples in my butt and thighs diminish (a lot).  Long story short, I swear by dry brushing for soft skin and cellulite reduction.  

Step 3.5 - not pictured- I jump in the shower, rinse off my mask and get nice and clean.

Step 4. Did you know after you shower you only have 3 minutes to properly moisturize?  Well maybe... I read that somewhere recently and it stuck in my head but to be honest I cannot remember where I read it.  I am currently using this moisturizer on my face and this eye cream.  After a long search for eye cream I received a couple samples and eventually purchased this eye cream, I love it!  I use it after ever shower, every morning and every night before bed, it's one of those products that a little goes a long way and you can feel a positive difference.  Next I lather my entire body in coconut oil.  I do this when I have no plans to leave my house for hours.  I get nice and oily, jump into sweatpants, a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.  I skip my neck though because the oil rubs off on my hair and ruins my freshly washed look.

Step 5. Once my facial moisturizer has completely soaked into my skin I use this toner which I am crazy about.  I bought it months ago and I still have about 3/4 or more left of the large bottle.  It is another product that a little goes a long way and it has most definitely softened my smile lines.  I posted about this toner here back in January when I first started using it.  I also like this toner and have heard great things (and I want to try) this toner.

Step 6. This is the time to use a serum or facial oil.  I am currently using this facial oil and love it, it smells great and gives my skin a soft glow.  My skin feels supple and soft, the best kind of oil feeling (because it soaks in and doesn't leave a trace) without feeling oily, if that makes sense.  I also have heard great things (and want to try) this facial oil, this facial oil and this serum.

Step 6.5. Relax!  Put your phone on the other side of the room and if you have something to do later set an alarm.  Get in bed or on the couch with a book or a cup of tea and some good music, I like jazz.  Just try to unplug and unwind, even an hour will feed your soul until it is time for wine... it's got to be five o'clock somewhere!

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. I am all about exfoliation & relaxation. It's a great combination! :]

    // it'sCarmen