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by - April 05, 2018

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Oh yes, it's Friday!  How was your week?  Mine was so long and I hate complaining about a long week but this one really got me.  I put myself on a juice cleanse on Saturday morning that I intended to last 7 day, I made it to about 5.  I was feeling a little run down and had been over eating a bit so I felt that a juice cleanse would give me a nice reset.  And it did, but I was basically starving all week and now have had to ease my stomach back into small portions of food because my stomach is now getting irritated easily.  I have heard of this happening to people after a juice cleanse but it never happened to me before.  I've done maybe 5 or 6 juice cleanses in the past.  I also worked out a couple times this week which you are not supposed to do on a juice cleanse but the weather here has been unfriendly to walks and my body and soul needed the physical activity.  Long story short, my stomach is flat, I feel better and I am easing myself slowly into food.  This weekend K and I are heading down to Alexandria, Va to visit my sister in law who just had a little baby boy.  Well, that is if it doesn't snow.  Yes!  Snow!  Earlier this week the weather said Alexandria might get 5 inches of snow but it looks like the storm will now be a bust.  Strangely I am not supper baby friendly, it's weird, I am very awkward around babies and love to look at them but am terrified at holding them.  So weird.  My sister in law also has a three year old son who I just can't get enough of.  I love to hug him and squeeze him!  I could actually go on and on about my nephew, he's just the cutest, but I won't and instead I'll leave you to read this week's fun and interesting articles I read this week 
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