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by - April 27, 2018

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Happy Saturday!  Have you noticed this week I am a day behind?  I am sorry.  K and I had a meeting with our realtor on Wednesday night that took more time than I thought it would.  Although this meeting put me behind schedule it got us excited to start the home shopping process again.  We only bought our home about 3 years ago but are ready to move onto a little more space.  It was an informative experience to sit down with our realtor and figure out what the next steps are for us in the selling to buy process.  This will be the first time we go through the process.  When K and I first looked for a home about 3 years ago we had different wants than we do now and we were not sure we wanted to stay for 10 years or more in Pennsylvania.  Now that we feel more secure about staying put for about 10 years we are ready to buy that real 'forever' home, the home you grow into.  I think this next home will need a bit of work which we are both willing to do if the home has what we like to call 'the bones' or a good layout meaning it's a 'cosmetic fixer'.  I plan on writing a post about this in the next week or two, basically explaining our different wants each time we home searched and why.  But for now here are the fun and interesting articles I read this week 
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  1. Such a fun post and a good giveaway! Going to read about the 25 Skincare Tips Dermatologists know, that definetly interests me! Thanks for sharing girl.

    xo, Lydia

    1. Thank you Lydia, I liked that article too! Thank you for stopping by!