Spring To-Do List

by - April 10, 2018

The weather here in Pennsylvania has definitely not felt Spring-like as of yet.  It's actually been down right cold.  But as of tomorrow the weather looks like it will make a permanent break and re-route it's self towards Spring which has me making plans for every minute of it.  I love Spring and like to take advantage of the outdoors, like everyone else who lives northern, colder areas, I am tired of indoor activities and I am dying for long walks and late nights in the backyard.  Today I am sharing a fun list of things I plan on doing this Spring to ensure that enjoy it to the fullest this year.

Plant Flowers or a Garden
K and I have been in our home for a little over 2 years and I have yet to plant a garden at this house.  I had a small balcony at our previous condo and planted some herbs in hanging planters but never vegetables.  I've always wanted to plant vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, kale and peppers.  I have been doing my research this year and have been pining inspiration from this Pinterest page.  I plan on constructing my own raised garden and maybe even try the self watering trick with a water bottle in the ground.  I will also plant some seasonal flowers in my front yard, I haven't decided what yet, I usually let the inspiration hit me while I'm shopping at the local nursery.  

Go Strawberry Picking
Strawberries are one the best fruits of Spring, they usually are at their peak late May to early June, but many farms will offer strawberry picking all of May and June.  My best advice to finding a local strawberry picking farm is to simply Google 'strawberry picking near me'.  I am lucky enough to live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania not far from Peddler's Village which holds a Strawberry Festival every May.  There will be many vendors selling strawberry goods and there will be bands playing live music all day.  It's a fun festival and a great way to enjoy the day.  I can already taste the strawberry lemonade. 

Image Via: Plowcreek

Visit a Flower Farm
Another idea is to simply Google, 'flower farms near me'.  You'd be surprised how many flower farms might be near by.  I live near the Peace Valley Lavender Farm and a sunflower farm.  Most flower farms will either allow a certain people per day, the earlier the better or allow you to pick flowers by appointment.  I love flowers in my home and find a special sense of accomplishment when I spend the afternoon picking my own bunch.

Image Via: Peace Valley Lavender Farm

Go for a Hike
Hiking is my favorite outdoor activity.  Just stepping into the woods and smelling the fresh air calms me.  There is something about a hike that makes me feel refreshed and it's great exercise.  Even if you don't like to hike, going for a walk can be just as refreshing just don't bring your phone and go for a nice, long, relaxing walk in the sun.  

Go to a Beach or to a Lake
I am lucky enough to live about a two hour car ride to the beaches of New Jersey.  K and I like to head down to the beach (or actually the shore as north easterners call it) before the high season begins, Memorial Day Weekend.  Most beaches are dog friendly in the off season, the hotels are a little cheaper, the beaches are less crowded and so are the restaurants.  And since the water on the east coast is never warm enough (not even in August) for me to get in, the sunshine and walking along the waves is all that matters to me.  If you don't live near a beach a lake is a great alternative.  There are many lakes across the country that offer family friendly boating activities and fishing.  

Make Spring Cocktails or Mocktails
Making cocktails or mocktails is so much fun.  Playing around with drink ingredients and coming up with something tasty gives me a bit of a creative outlet.  And I love to shake the cocktail shaker.   This article shares 34 cocktail recipes and this article shares 30 mocktail recipes.  

Image Via: Town And Country

Host a BBQ
Party time!  And time to put one or two of those cocktails and mocktails to test.  The Spring is great time to invite a bunch of friends, family and neighbors over so that they can all mingle amongst new people and enjoy some good casual food.  An outdoor, sunny setting always puts people in a good mood so no need to put to much energy into the food, maybe just burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs and a couple salads.  Target has a bunch of fun new items to get your patio and yard ready for a BBQ.  And they carry a bunch of cute plastic serving items. 

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  1. I would also love to visit a flower farm! Great post
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. You'll have to put it on your Spring To-Do List too! Thank you for stopping by!