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by - May 22, 2018

I'm always trying new beauty products, you could call me a novice beauty junkie.  I just love to try something new in hopes of finding products that really work for me.  When it comes to the beauty products I use, I try to keep it as natural as possible and I like to focus on skincare rather than makeup.  Although, lately I have been dabbling a little more with makeup.  I don't wear makeup every day, I am usually bare faced with my brows filled in but now that I am taking photos for the blog I am playing around with makeup.  It's fun!  Makeup shopping is really fun.  Recently I have found some really great products that I am loving and today I am sharing those products with you...

I'll start with skincare because skincare is still more important to me than makeup.  I use this cleanser about three or four times a week and it has really grown on me.  At first I was not impressed but I find it leaves my skins incredibly soft and smooth after a couple uses.  It deep cleans and removes build up, dirt and makeup without over drying.  Using it in the shower with a wash cloth really amps up it's clarifying qualities.  Be warned, it does sting the eyes, so be careful.  And it is one of those products that a little bit goes a long way.  I think I have had this bottle for 3 months, maybe more.  

Black Mask Blackhead Remover Purifying Black Peel Off Mask $13
I purchased this mask just last week because I was looking for something with deep exfoliating potential but didn't need a big clean up.  It is the first time I have tried a peel off mask and I liked it.  Like I said, no big mess around your sink with 'mud' or 'clay'.  It is a little tough to spread on your face because the mask comes out a small hole and takes a little muscle to squeezeout but it is great for targeting areas.  On Sunday night I used it around my nose, on my chin and my cheeks.  I love how it peels right off.  

My search for the ultimate eye cream was a long and serious one.  I am turning 35 this year and I have become very concerned with my under eye area.  I don't have huge bags and I actually don't have any crows feet but I am trying to do the work now so I don't need needles later.  I ordered a sample of this Bobbi Brown Eye Cream twice from Nordstrom, they give you three free samples when you buy a beauty product from them.  After the second sample I knew I wanted to purchase this eye cream.  It is extremely moisturizing while still being light and not leaving behind any residue.  I use in every night all around my eyes, even my eyelids.  I am beyond happy with this eye cream.  I can honestly say it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and I have really noticed a difference since I started using it.  My bags are less defined, softer and my under eye lines are smoother.  I purchased this eye cream in early March and still have about have the jar (if not more) left. 

Matte Shaker High Pigment Liquid Lipstick (in beige vintage) $22
Now on to the makeup and we will start with my favorite new addition.  This lipstick is absolutely beautiful and goes on in the most interesting and effective way.  It goes on wet, the applicator is a sponge.  When I showed it to my mom she was very intrigued and I was too excited to show it to her.  In case you are wondering she approved and thought the color looked good on me.  It dries without that usual drying almost cracking feeling.  The transition from wet to dry is not even noticeable.  I have very dry lips and this lipstick does not affect my lip condition.  It feels as though I have nothing on but gives the look of subtle matte color.  I chose the beige vintage because it is a dark neutral with a rosy kick.  I love it!  I have been wearing it all the time.  For reference I have a medium dark skin tone.

Photo Edit Eyeshadow Trio (in Tag Me) $22
Because I don't wear makeup daily this purchase was a little unusual for me.  I decided since it is a small palette it was like dipping my toe into the deep end.  I didn't buy a larger palette with a bunch of colors I might never use instead I grabbed this simple trio.  The three colors look beautiful separate or compliment each other paired together.  The consistency is smooth and does not settle into creases or clump up.  I use the light Bellini color (left) on my inner eye corner and the other two (Bikini Scene top right , Spiked Punch bottom right) on my lids for a little color fun.  The two colors on the right really help to make my eyes pop, I'm loving the small change in my makeup routine.  I'm also a sucker for packaging and appreciate how this palette looks like a camera lens cover.

Deborah Lippmann Color Nail Lacquer - Amazing Grace $15
I love a good bright white colored nail polish during the summer months. White nail polish against tanned skin looks so good.  I grabbed this Deborah Lippmann polish while I was wondering the Blue Mercury in Newtown, Pa.  I usually go for a white, baby pink hue but decided to try something different.  I ended up being really impressed with the drying and lasting time of this polish, not to mention the color was bold and noticeable.  I type a lot everyday and managed about a week and half without a chip.  That's pretty good in my experience with an at home manicure.  This polish is also available in a gel version here.  I plan on buying this gift set soon and testing out all these pretty, muted, girly colors. 

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