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by - May 17, 2018

Are you as excited as I am that it is Friday?  Do you have any big plans?  K and I have plans to take his mother and father to the Strawberry Festival at Peddler's Village this Saturday.  But I am worried it is going to rain all day and this is an outdoor event.  It has been raining here in Pennsylvania for days, it's starting to get really annoying.  I'm hoping it will just be misty and not down pouring so that we can at least enjoy a couple strawberry lemonades with vodka!  I have a couple of backup plans if it is pouring rain.  On Saturday morning I am headed to a Royal Wedding party!  How cute, right?  My 89 year old neighbor is throwing the party and sent the cutest formal paper invites.  The wedding airs here at 6:30am!  I probably won't make it to her house until 7 or 7:15am but I plan on bringing a little bubbly.  To be honest I am not gaga over this Royal Wedding.  The press around it hasn't been all great.  But I am excited to see what everyone wears, ESPECIALLY Meghan. 

On Thursday night K and I toured two homes.  They are actually the first homes we have toured on this house hunt.  House hunting is a wild ride and I am both excited and scared to try and find our next home.  Last time we home searched we toured about 80 homes before finally buying.  Like I said a wild ride.  Thursday we were excited to see the homes we toured before our appointment but I worked really hard on not getting my hopes up.  The pictures that are provided on either the Internet or by the realtor are never accurate, especially in the details.  The first home we saw seemed to be a winner but it was what I would call a Monet.  You know Monet, the artist.  His paintings are all so beautiful from a far but when you get real close and inspect the details you are realize they are kinda a big mess.  No disrespect to Monet.  This house was only 1700 square feet but had 7 different types of flooring!  Hardwood in the main living area (kitchen, living room dining room), a second hardwood in a first floor bedroom, tile in a small first floor sitting room and a second tile in the first floor bathroom.  And I can not remember what floor was in the first floor laundry room so maybe an 8th flooring type.  The stairs were done in carpet, the second floor was done in a third type of hardwood and the second floor bathroom was in the third type of tile.  It was crazy to see since the kitchen had been redone nicely.  White, soft close cabinets, pretty light tile back splash and granite counters.  But again when you looked closely the kitchen was configured strangely, there was basically an unused wall with a window where the sink should have been.  For the price and the square footage it just wasn't for us especially this early in the search.  I plan on writing a post about house hunting, what I've learned, what I was looking for in the past and what I am looking for this time soon.  But before I go on and on, here are this week's fun and interesting articles
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