Little Floral Dress

by - May 06, 2018

Flowers and a little floral pattern always seem to brighten my day so why not share this little floral dress with you this Monday.  We all know Monday's could use some brightening.  I bought this dress last Monday on a mall outing with my mom.  We were on the search for a gift for her girlfriend but could not help doing a some shopping for ourselves.  Why not?  Instead of shooting this dress at a location like last week at Peace Valley park or two weeks ago at the Jefferson Memorial, I decided on highlighting the dress and it's details at this simple teal-ish wall.  This wall is actually the side of a building which houses The Zen Den in Doylestown, Pa.  It's a cute coffee shop with in the center of town.  The dainty floral details and the smocked upper body really hooked me when I saw this dress in store.  Funny thing, I actually tried this dress on over the clothing I was wearing in the middle of the store, ha!  And my mom was not at all embarrassed but more so applauded me for not making a pointless trip to the dressing room.  Pointless, because even over my clothing the dress looked great and the price made the purchase a no brainer.  Since the dress is available online in limited sizes I have linked several other similar, floral and well priced dresses below...
Happy Monday!

Outfit Details:
Similar dresses; hereherehereherehereherehere and here.
Shoes are old, maybe two years old!
Similar; hereherehere and here.

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