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by - May 09, 2018

Do you have Amazon or Amazon prime?  K and I have Amazon Prime but I actually have been ordering from Amazon for years.  I've always found Amazon convenient but when Amazon Prime came along it was like all my online ordering dreams were realized.  Back in the day when I first started ordering from Amazon I wished that they had fashion options that were actually fashionable.  I searched often and was disappointed but not anymore.  The fact that I can order a pretty sweater or a pair of shoes (I am lusting after these in white) and it arrives in two days, tickles me pink.  There is something about receiving a package you have ordered that mirrors those Christmas morning feelings.  Just to prove that I have been ordering form Amazon forever here is one of my first orders!!!  Yes!  An IPod docking station/ alarm clock, pink of course.  Today's orders are slightly different...

I just received this bag but have been wearing it nonstop since.  This style bag is extremely popular and trendy.  I saw it a lot last spring and summer but am seeing it even more this year.  The most popular version is this Clare V bag which retails at $225.  Thank you Amazon, for this amazingly priced bag!  And this bag zippers shut, I don't think the oh so popular Clare V. bag does.

These hangers are available at most home stores in BLACK.  I wanted WHITE and could not find them anywhere.  The black version does not exactly bleed but it is not nice to my many white sweaters and blouses.  Plus I just like white a little bit more than black aesthetically in my closet and for home decor in general.  

My mom found these bed sheets and bless her, because they are so soft and durable.  Bella sleeps in bed with us which means our sheets get dirtier quicker than those folks who don't allow their doggies in bed.  This means I am often getting rid of my sheets because of that worn in, yuck look.  Did I mention I only like to sleep on white sheets?  Yes, I prefer my bed to feel like a sanctuary or a high end hotel, white, crisp and fluffy.  These sheets accomplish those feelings and are cheap enough that I don't feel bad when it's time to order a new set.  

Do you remember this clutch from this blogpost?  I wear it all the time for date night.  It has a chain and can be worn on your shoulder as well.  It is such a fun piece and very well made, I highly suggest it to those who like to add a little kick to their outfit.

What does 'healthy deodorant' mean?  Well it is supposed to be non toxic and not chuck full of chemicals.  My body has gone through a wild ride with deodorant.  About ten years ago I was sweating so much that I needed the extra strength stuff, almost prescription strength and then about 5 years ago I stopped using it all together.  And no I didn't stink when I stopped using it, I just stopped and for some reason I didn't need it anymore.  I still don't need it most days.  The days I need it are if I have not showered and head to the gym for a hard workout or if it's hot out (90 degrees and above).  Since I am only using deodorant on select days I decided to go natural and randomly tried this one because Amazon got it to me before I could make it out to the store!  Ever since I have been happy with it's effectiveness and I love the smell, even though it is very light.

I don't love hand sanitizer but find that I often need it.  Especially when traveling or around a big group of kids or doggies.  Picking up dog poop is not a glamorous job but someone has to do it.  Having hand sanitizer on me makes me feel better about not being able to wash my hands immediately after touching something yucky.  A healthier version spoke to me because isn't sanitizer just alcohol?  Why does it need to be so gooey?  This one is a spray and not at all sticky or gooey.

These artificial eucalyptus branches come in a pack of three.  They can be put in a vase or made into a wreath or really anything you'd like.  They are very natural looking and bendable, perfect for modern day crafting, think Joanna Gaines.  I made a long centerpiece out of these a while back, for my dining room table and love the light green color against my darker wood table.  

This is actually a full bikini for $14 and if I had bigger boobs I would have loved the whole bikini.  The top was too big (I am a 32B) but the bottom is so cute for those who like to show a little cheek.  If you are headed to Miami or Europe this is the popular style.  I have worn the bottom a million times all over the world (Mexico, Greece, Costa Rica) and the colors are still bright and vibrant.  And more importantly it still fits well with no pulls or sagging.

A match strike is such a simple and small but very classy, polished home decor item.  It is one of those items that can add a curated last minute touch when you are expecting guests.  I burns candles every night even in the summer, there is something relaxing about burning candles to me.  Using a match strike makes lighting the candle feel special, there is also an ice cream cone version.  I keep this match strike in my guest bathroom which is basically my sister-in-law's bathroom, she visits the most and she loves squirrels. 

Do you remember these shoes from this blogpost?  They are such a fun shoe that adds a little pretty pop to any simple outfit.  For the price they are a steal and also come in a black, velvet version.

I rotate this carafe often in my home.  It looks gorgeous with branches, long flowers or even empty.  The color brightens up any space without being too over powering.  I've seen similar decorative carafe or vases at store like Pottery Barn for at least twice the price.

My favorite knife!!!  This knife is a few years old and still cuts like it's first days out of the package.  Even my mom commented, while she was cooking at my house, that my knife cut so incredibly well.  I use this knife pretty much ever day, it's the only knife I reach for when I need to cut something.  One exception... bread, I have an amazing bread that actually belonged to my Grandfather.  

You have to see the photos inside this book!  They are beautiful.  I use this book as a coffee table book, I believe that is it's intent.  There are a lot of coffee table books that are basically over used, you see them in a lot of homes and home decor photos.  This book is unique and not one that you will find in everyone's home.  The book catches your attention on a coffee table by the cover and the title and the inside is incredibly interesting to at look at and read.  More for your guests to admire in your pretty home.  I have a small vase of peonies next to my book on my marble coffee table right now and the setting looks gorgeous.  

These sunglasses are dups of the ever so popular Karen Walker Sunglasses.  I wear these and the next pair so often.  They are a no brainer purchase.

Another Karen Walker dup.  The first time I ordered these sunglasses was almost 4 years ago.  Since them I have lost and broken a couple pairs so I am very thankful they are more affordable than the original Karen Walker's!

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