Why I Love My Jord Watch

by - May 01, 2018

If you are following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I am wearing one accessory a lot lately, my new Jord Cassia Watch.  I don't normally wear watches because I am allergic to nickel.  Being allergic to nickel has made wearing a watch nearly impossible because my skin breaks out in a horrible rash.  I won't gross you out but it is bad.  I was incredibly excited when I found out about Jord Watches because they are made out of wood!  Each Jord Watch is uniquely designed and can be styled with basically every outfit.  My Cassia watch is made out of Walnut and has a Vintage Rose face which compliments my engagement ring and wedding band perfectly since they are rose gold.  The Cassia watch comes in three other versions; Ebony and SableZebra and Ivory and Olive and Aegean Blue.  I am thinking of ordering the Ebony and Sable version for my endless all black looks (I wear a lot of black).  Their watches all come in the beautiful wooden box pictured above, with a self adjustment tools and a cleaning cloth.  Not only do I love Jord's watches and their presentation but I was very impressed by their customer service.  I accidentally ordered the wrong watch, I don't know how it happened and within days I had the Cassia watch I wanted delivered to my doorstep.  They were prompt in responding to my emails and sent me a return box and label free of charge.  Great customer service is like snow on Christmas Day or like the cherry on top of a sundae, in my opinion.  

I am currently hosting a $100 Jord Watch gift card giveaway, you can enter here (the giveaway ends May 13th).  With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up these watches would be a sweet and unique gift.  You can shop the women's watches here and the men's watches here. Below are a couple shots from my Instagram, just to show you how I have been styling my watch lately.

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Wooden Wrist Watch

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  1. Great watch, you look great too
    IG @grace_njio