Zzzoodles with Creamy Corn Sauce

by - May 15, 2018

Monday afternoon I started Googling 'summer soups' because I was in the mood for something comforting but with a light summer twist.  What I came across were a lot of either tomato or corn based soups, makes sense.  I then came across this pasta recipe with a creamy corn sauce.  The problem with cooking this pasta recipe on Monday night was that we had just eaten pasta on Sunday.  Zoodles then popped into my mind as the next logical answer.  They are light and much like pasta but so different at the same time.  I thought K might not be full on just veggies for dinner so I decided to add a little sausage.  But to honest the recipe does not need it at all.  

One large pack of Zoodles (about 4 large zucchini's)
One can of corn
One onion
1 cup Half and Half
3 Sausage links
2 Tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Parmesan cheese at the table

Start by dicing the onion, it doesn't need to be a small dice because it gets tossed in the blender with the corn.  The onions and one tablespoon of butter will go into a pan and cook on medium high heat for about five minutes.  Then add the corn into the pan.  You want the corn to get a little roasted so this might take about 10 minutes.  As you roast corn mixture, you can cook your sausage in a separate small pan.  Remove the sausage links from their casing and chop them up into bits and pieces as they cook.  When the corn mixture is sufficiently roasted and not burnt, transfer it into a blender with the half and half.  Blend on high, until smooth and creamy.  In the same pan the corn mixture was in cook the zoodles with the second tablespoon of butter.  Zoodles cook pretty quickly so I suggest lowering the cooking temperature to medium.   Once the zoodles begin to wilt add the sausage and toss.  Next pour the creamy corn sauce over and mix it all together.
Zoila!  That was easy!  

P.S. Depending on your salt preference you might need to add a teaspoon or two to kick up the flavor of the zoodles and corn. I added about a teaspoon while blending the creamy corn sauce.  Also if the sauce is to thick just add more cream.

I hope you enjoy, thank you for stopping by!

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