A Rainbow of a Dress

by - June 24, 2018

Monday's are for faces that mean business but for hearts full of whimsy.  Or at least that's how I try to tackle my Monday's.  Lately I have been inspired to shop for dresses that are strong and bright but still playful.  This dress has been the most bold of my dress purchases yet.  I bought this dress randomly, much to my husband's surprise.  He is so used to seeing me in neutrals.  Mainly black, white, grey, tan and simple stripes.  But this dress breaks the mold and I am loving it!  The deep V cut and wrap dress style is very flattering while the stripes are thinning and elongating.  I'm about 5 feet tall and swear I look 5'9 like Cindy Crawford.  Speaking of Cindy, have you seen her lately?  She hasn't aged, and her daughter... what a beauty!  I digress, back to the dress, I'm not usually crazy about a multi-colored dresses.  Especially these colors with their 70's vibes but for some reason I absolutely love this dress.  I plan on wearing it out to dinner one night in London this September and I can imagine wearing it on our next tropical vacation.  Maybe on the beach in Brazil or Argentina.  The colors are so vibrant, perfect for tropical, beach life but also structured enough for a date night in a city like London.  
Full outfit details are below.

Dress, similar; herehereherehereherehere and here
Bag is vintage

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