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by - June 07, 2018

Image Via: Ledges Hotel

Happy Friday friends!  K and I left Thursday evening for vacation.  A small, quick vacation but vacation nonetheless.  We are staying at Ledges Hotel, which sits on a waterfall in Hawley, Pa.  I have a thing for waterfalls and love that there are so many small waterfalls within a driving distance. The best part about these vacations is that we get to take Bella with us.  Ledges Hotel has a couple dog friendly rooms.  You might remember that back in October K, Bella and I hiked the Kaaterskill Falls in upstate New York.  You can read all about that trip here and here.  This trip to Ledges and the waterfall, we plan to eat at The Settlers Inn on Friday night, a farm to table restaurant and at Glass on Saturday night, which is located inside our hotel.  Thursday night and Sunday night we are keeping it casual and randomly picking a place to eat.  I will be sure to write at least one blog post about our trip with full details and photos.

As for the house hunt (house hunting post), we saw two homes on Wednesday.  The first was near perfect when it comes to what we want and what we are willing to live with until we can reno but the master bath was so sad.  Actually the problem was the master bedroom and the master bathroom.  Both were smaller than what we currently have in our town house.  The bedroom looked as though it wouldn't fit our king size bed and the bathroom was a tiny shower stall, on top of a tiny sink, on top of the toilet.  There was no room for use to put in a proper master bathroom.  It was so sad because the home had basically the perfect first floor layout with an incredible backyard, a garage and it lives in a beautiful neighborhood surrounded by parks and walking paths.  This neighborhood is probably our most coveted neighborhood in our search and the house was priced well so I am kicking myself!  Should I give up on the master bathroom goals to live in this neighborhood?  Maybe it's too early in our search?  Someone will buy that house, probably not me.  

Before I go on and on about our home search here are the fun and interesting articles I've read this week;
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Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

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