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by - June 21, 2018

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Happy Friday friends!  How was your week?  Mine was productive and fulfilling so I am feeling pretty happy today.  I started a new health schedule, including diet and exercise.  I've had to change my workout schedule due to the fact that Bella is 13 years old and won't take walks in the hot afternoon. This leaves mornings and evenings as the time for me to get her active meaning no gym time.  I intend on keeping her healthy and I think long walks will help ensure she stays with me longer.  Also I have started eating a little different with the intent of changing my skinny, untoned and a little flabby body into a more toned and defined body.  I plan to share with you what I am doing once I hit the three week mark, so look forward to that after July 4th.  In other news we saw three homes last weekend all which were disappointing so we are still hunting (insert frustrated face here).  We got very close with the first house we saw when it came to the bones of the house itself and what we want but the location was literal dog do-do.  Pardon my French.  Speaking of French, have I mentioned that K and I are headed to Paris and London this September with my family?  I am so excited and have been outfit pinning away on Pinterest.  You will find an article or two about Paris or/ and London in every From Around The Web from here on out.  I just can't help myself from planning already.  You may remember K and I went to Greece last summer with my family and the year before to Europe.  When I mean 'my family' I don't mean a whole extended bunch it's six of us; my parents, my brother, his fiance, K and I.  We're a fun group, the loud kind that wants to try everything on the menu, haha.  I have been planning some fun in both cities some which I cannot share yet but here's what I do have planned; 
1. An Eiffel Tower photo shoot, I'm still deciding whether to hire a photographer or try a tripod on our camera controlled by remote
2. Several morning runs along the Seine, this is a dream of mine and I will get up at 5 or 6 am every morning to run, even if it's more of a jog due to red wine from the night before.
3. A visit to Kew Gardens, even if it is short lived.  The tree top walk looks amazing.
4. High Tea at Sketch.

And I could go on and on about other activities and plans of mine but before I bore you here are this weeks fun and interesting articles I've read...
From Around The Web.

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