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by - June 05, 2018

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In some of my past posts I have mentioned that K and I are house hunting.  We currently live in a 1300 square foot town home which we bought almost three years ago.  It's an end unit, on a big lot, we love it and it is beautiful but we are ready for a little more space.  We were first time home buyers when we bought our town home.  It was a long and tough search (about a year and 40 homes later) because we did not really know what we wanted or where we wanted to live.  We actually got lucky when we did find our town home because it was move in ready.  It was a flip (reno/gut) down well by a contractor and realtor team with good home decor style.  

Now that we are house hunting again, things are different.  We have targeted areas we'd like to live, as specific as exact neighborhoods that we are eyeing in hopes that someone puts their home on the market.  We also are willing to do some work this time.  Basically we have come to terms with the fact that the homes in our area are older, beautiful homes that have been lived in for 20 to 30 years and never updated.  So we are looking for a home that has what we like to call 'the bones'.  Which to us means a home with a good layout, an open flow, that might need a kitchen or bathroom update, but no knocking down walls.  I can see myself living in an ugly kitchen for a year before re-doing it, as long as it's not falling apart and it's functional.  We also put together a list of wants that we prefer in our next home.  Here is our list with the reasoning, I hope this helps those who might be house hunting and feeling overwhelmed,  like K and I,  the first time around.

What We Want in Our Next Home

- 2 and 1/2 bathrooms.  I want a powder room, a guest bathroom and a master bathroom.  A real master bathroom with storage for all my beauty products.  This configuration of bathrooms is ideal in my mind and since this will be the home we spend 20-30 year, 2 and 1/2 bathrooms in my non negotiable.

- A basement.  This is K's non negotiable item.  We live on the East Coast where a basement is something we both grew up with.  They are so common that a home without a basement is slightly uncommon.  Aka, our current home, sans basement.  Basements are great for storage and workout equipment, stuff you need in your house but just don't want seen.

-A garage.  I'm fine with a one car garage since I don't commute but K does, my car can live outside.  Since we live where it snows in the winter, having his car inside a garage would be so convenient.  Plus a garage is good for storage too.  

-Privacy.  I work from home and need to concentrate.  Loud neighbors is a big 'ol NO.  Peace and quiet, that's what K and I are into.

-A yard.  Since we are looking at single family house in the burbs this one is a given.  We spend so much time in the Spring and Summer in our backyard.  And now that brings me back to privacy, we like to be out there in the peace and quiet.

-Natural light.  The more windows the better.  There are a lot of homes for sale in our market that have smaller windows which are letting in light now because there is an abundance of it sunny June.  But come fall and winter when it gets darker earlier those small windows aren't going to do a house any justice.

-Closets.  Preferably walk-in in the master bedroom.  K said to me the other day that we have run out of space for my shoes (oops).  He's so sweet he doesn't mind that I love shoes and love to buy them but doesn't like the look of them across our bedroom wall.  I get it.  Our current home has a good amount of closets for the size of the home and we are hoping that if we buy a home with 700 square feet or more space the closets will be proportionate.

Things We Are Willing To Reno
(for the right price)

-Kitchen, cosmetically.  Cabinets need to decent and clean and the space needs to be functional until we are ready to rip it all down and create the dream kitchen.

-Bathrooms, cosmetically.  Same.

-Flooring.  Bad carpet and mismatching hardwood be gone!  This is an easier fix than gutting a kitchen so this is one I barely look at.

-Deck, patio and landscaping. A nice deck or patio is a plus because so many homes in our area value their outdoor space. 

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