Instagram Round Up

by - June 12, 2018

DressEspadrilles and Sunnies

It's about that time for an Instagram Round Up!  I haven't done one in over a month and I'm on vacation so sorry, but not sorry, we are out hiking instead of shooting an outfit.  Luckily I post so many outfits to my Instagram that I have a bunch a fun fashion to share today.  Why do I post so many outfits to Instagram?  Well, Instagram brings a lot of traffic to the blog and it is my only source of self promotion via social media (I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc).  I link most of my outfits through the app which allows you to shop every picture I post via links directly to the item I'm wearing.  

I will be back next week with a travel post about our trip!

DressHatSandals and Sunnies

TeeSkirtBandana (similar here and here) and Slides

TopSkirtBagSlides and Sunnies

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