Our Poconos Getaway

by - June 20, 2018

Almost two weeks ago K, Bella and I headed to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for a quick getaway and I am finally getting around to sharing it with you today.  The intent of our trip was to hike a couple waterfalls, hike some fun trails and kayak on Lake Wallenpaupack we contemplated getting a dog friendly Airbnb but ultimately decided to stay at Ledges Hotel which sits on a waterfall.  Since we have been home and I have been sharing our trip with my friends one of the first questions I am getting asked is 'how did I find this very beautiful, small and practically off the map hotel?'.  I'll tell you, I Google searched like crazy.  I am not the type who stays at big fancy resorts with all inclusive deals, it's just not my style, never has been.  I prefer small boutique hotels that give you a real sense of disconnecting from everyday life and connecting with vacation life.  I've used this approach when traveling local, traveling inside the US, traveling to South America, traveling to Mexico and traveling to Europe.  I just prefer a stay that makes you feel immersed rather than at a resort eating the same food I can eat at home.  Does that make sense?  On this trip we wanted to really connect with nature and we did!  We hiked two waterfalls and over 18 miles of trails in four days.  Our hiking mileage was actually cut short by a very rainy afternoon.  We ate at four local farm to table restaurants and we sat for hours in front of the waterfall at our hotel drinking local beer and eating local cheeses.  All while Bella was at our side (except on the kayak).  It was a quick trip that left me feeling refreshed and relaxed but also pushed my boundaries and pushed me out of my comfort zone on one very adventurous hike.  Here are some photos with all the details from our getaway, I hope you enjoy!

Ledges Hotel
Ledges sits on a waterfall and has several decks at different heights and locations where guest can view the falls.  They also offer a local pastry breakfast every morning and have a couple dog friendly rooms.  When we arrived in our room they had a doggie bowl setup, poop bags, a little pop up water bowl (for hiking) and a couple treats all for Bella.   She was ecstatic and I was impressed.  I forgot to take photos of our room but took plenty photos of the sitting areas inside and outside which they allowed Bella to enjoy with us.  
The Entrance

The Main Sitting Room

Bella in our bed when we returned from kayaking

Coffee on the Deck

The Highest Level Deck

Hotel Grounds

Hotel Exterior

View of the Fall From a Lower Deck

Where We Hiked
On Friday when we arrived we headed to Shumans Point which is basically a three or four mile hiking trail that follows the edge of Lake Wallenpaupack, because the point juts into the lake.  It is a loop and you can enter or exit from two points.  We entered at the easier side, unknowingly and finished this hike with a good uphill climb which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  I love a hike that uses your gluts and makes you well deserving of a beer afterwards.  Shuman's point is a perfect hike in my opinion, it takes a couple hours, it has endless different, pretty views of the lake and it has areas that force you to use those muscles.  It's decently marked but where it's not it is easy to follow because of the lake.  It's very well marked on the up hill end, or I guess it could be the down hill end depending on where you enter.  On Saturday we hiked a couple trails at the Promised Land State Park which spans over 3,000 acres and is surround by 12,000 acres of the Delaware State Park.  The Promised Land State Park has several campgrounds, hundreds of cabins, and miles and miles of hiking trails along with endless water activities including boating.  It is a beautiful well maintained park and I found even the remote trails to be well marked.  We started by hiking Little Falls Trail which is about a mile and a half hike.  The falls are gorgeous and you can get as close as you want to them, I didn't get too close because they were really rushing.  Then we decided that mile and a half wasn't enough and took an off the beaten path trail just off Little Falls Trail.  This was a challenge.  Once we were well into the trail I started to notice how remote we were and that we were officially deep in the forest where the bears live.  There were signs before entering the trail about bears but it did not really set in until we reached a good trail depth, needless to say I got a little scared.  I'm not sure I'd do this trail again but I am glad I did it.  It pushed my boundaries and we saw incredibly beautiful wildlife; birds, frogs, deer and fish.  After this strenuous hike we headed to Conservation Island for the most relaxing one mile loop around the island.  It's lovely and serene, perfect for a morning coffee in the woods or an easy doggie hike.  On Sunday in the pouring rain we headed to Lacawac Sanctuary.  We didn't take our camera because of the rain but I did manage to get a couple photos on my phone.  It was not a long lived hike because we were the only ones there and there were endless signs about bears and what kind bears you might see.  We only hiked about a half mile before turning around, the rain was coming down really hard.  We tried!  We decided to get back in the car and head to our hotel and hike behind the falls there.  It was covered a bit at the top where we would not be so affected by the rain.  Plus it was a short hike.  I loved this view because we were at the top of the falls looking down, I felt huge.  And just then a Bald Eagle flew over us.  Now that made me feel small, his wingspan was so long, probably longer than I am tall.  K made me grab Bella because Bald Eagles are known for scooping up sheep, dogs, cats, etc.   On Monday before we left we hiked Shuman's Point again and took some extra time to relax on some of the lakeside areas.  It was a perfect way to end the trip.  I'm obviously not a very experienced hiker but I do love the outdoors.  I'm glad I pushed myself a little this trip but was very happy for Shuman's Point and Little Falls Trail for being easy and beautiful.   

Shuman's Point

Shuman's Point

Shuman's Point

Little Falls Trail

Little Falls Trail

Little Falls Trail

Off the beaten path

Knee deep in long grass off the beaten path

Conservation Island

Conservation Island

Little orange lizards at Lacawac Sanctuary

Map of Lake Wallenpaupack

Lake Wallenpaupack

Where We Ate
On Friday evening we ate dinner at The Settlers Inn.  We had a lovely meal but I didn't take any photos because K and promised each other we would disconnect and stay off of our phones for the evening (sorry, not sorry).  The atmosphere was romantic and the service was spectacular.  We both ate so much and loved our meals but I especially loved the bottle of wine we chose.  On Saturday we ate dinner at Glass Wine. Bar. Kitchen, which is located inside the hotel we stayed at.  This was the best meal we had not only on this trip but in a very long time.  The shrimp and grits and the steak we ordered were to die for.  The steak literally melted in your mouth!  Our cocktails were craft and delicious too.  K got a smoky bourbon cocktail and I got a cucumber basil cocktail.  We sat on the lower deck where you could see the falls and enjoyed our food, it was a perfect night which we capped off with a bottle of wine on the upper deck with Bella.   On Sunday we grabbed a burger from Hawley Burger a local joint that blew me away.  It gave you that diamond in the rough feel or like it belonged on a food network show about a famous chef finding the best local, unannounced food.  We also got local beer and cheese from Mills Market Bakery and enjoyed it back at the hotel, viewing the falls while it rained.  When the rain stopped later in the evening we headed out for a small bite and cocktail at The Boat House.  It was empty and we were able to get seating on the screened in outdoor deck overlooking the lake.  

The Settlers Inn

Menu at Glass

Cheese Plate at Glass 

Deviled Eggs and Shrimp and Grits at Glass

The Boathouse

The Boathouse

Thank you for stopping by!

P.S.  I forgot to include that we rented kayaks at Wallenpaupack Boat Tours.

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  1. We just might do the same one day. What a great place!

    1. You'd enjoy the hotel, The Settler's Inn and The Boathouse. And you can rent boats where we rented kayaks, so you'd enjoy that. I actually thought of you when I was viewing the falls from our hotel deck, thinking, Mommy could sit here all day!