Intermittent Fasting and Why

by - July 05, 2018

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Happy Friday friends!  Since it was a short week due to the 4th of July on Wednesday, I've decided to skip my regularly scheduled "From Around The Web" post for some personal, in-depth content that I promised you about two weeks ago.  I started intermittent fasting a little over two weeks ago and am very happy with the results so far.  I plan on sticking to my new eating schedule with the exception of vacation, when I will try to incorporate intermittent fasting but will not force myself to stick to it rigidly.  Let's dive into intermittent fasting...

What is intermittent fasting?
It is an eating cycle that gives you (most commonly) an 8 hour window during the day to eat, while the other 16 hours are spent fasting.  There are other versions of the time span but this is the intermittent fasting routine that I have adopted.  I only eat between noon and 8pm.  The point of this eating schedule is to force the body to 'starve' and burn stored fat calories for energy during those hours of fasting. 

Why am I intermittent fasting?
To tone my body and curve my cravings.  Let's start with tone... I am a petite girl who is by no means overweight but I got a little flabby over the winter and although at times I look thin my goal is to be fit.  I'm not looking for muscles but instead some definition, primarily in my arms, thighs and abs.  I had a baby six pack almost two years ago and I want it back.  Now onto cravings... I crave cheese, bread and junk food snacks like it's nobodies business.  You might remember this post about "A Healthy Day in The Life" where I described my healthy day in a nutshell.  Truth be told this type of day was attacked by my snack cravings and was defeated, actually more like conquered!  Since body mass in 80% diet and 20% exercise I was in dire need of a plan that would help me curve my cravings.  Intermittent fasting does exactly that and more because it changes the way you eat.

Do I workout during intermittent fasting?  Do I drink alcohol?
Yes and yes.  I try to get my workout in before I eat at noon so that my body is burning fat calories during those workouts.  And when I finally eat I keep that meal high in protein and veggies but keep fat and carbs non-existent.  I have a drink or two a couple nights a week but try not to over do it because one glass of wine has over 100 calories.

How hungry I am?  How has it changed my cravings?
I am HUNGRY by noon, very hungry but what has changed is that I am easily filled with a high protein meal (usually egg whites and spinach) and I am not hungry again for hours and sometimes not at all for the rest of the evening.  Mind you my meal at noon is usually large, sometimes as much as 5 egg whites one egg with two handfuls of spinach and half a tomato.  It's a lot of food, but it keeps me from snacking on chips, popcorn, cheese and bread throughout the afternoon.

My reflection:
So far I am liking the way intermittent fasting makes me feel, it's been a little over two weeks.  It might be the placebo affect but between 9am and noon, when I am feeling extremely hungry I feel as though my body is working extra hard to produce energy aka it's burning fat calories.  I also feel more energized during those morning hours.  I usually get out of bed around 6:45am but don't really get hungry until around 9am.  The hurdle for me is 9am to noon when I am counting the minutes until I can eat.  Because of my job, I am basically chained to my computer during work hours so the fasting does not exhaust me.   I have read that this diet is not great for those who very active all day.  For example, I was a server at a restaurant about 10 years ago and when I worked brunch I was on my feet running around all morning.  I probably wasn't the best candidate for this intermittent fasting diet back then.  

I lost two pounds right away, even though my intent is not to loose weight but more so to tone my body.  The weight seemed to come from my gut which is now flat.  I am also very happy with my energy levels and with the fact that within these two weeks I find myself eating healthier meals and eating less.  I am excited to see how the next two weeks go and promise to report back to you.  I plan on keeping this eating pattern in effect for good.  Although I am headed on vacation in September and it is often hard to eat before 8pm on vacation but I will try and adjust accordingly or just give myself a little cheat day or two.  

If you have any questions for me about intermittent fasting or my process, feel free to leave a comment.
Have a lovely weekend and thank you for stopping by!


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