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by - July 10, 2018

About a month ago I did a bit of a Sephora Haul.  I bought a bunch of, new to me products in sample and travel sizes.  Buying these smaller sizes allows me to buy more on a budget and then filter out what I really love.  Today I'm sharing with you 4 items which I have already bought in their full sizes or plan to buy when they run out.  Let's start with my favorite buy...

Trying an oil was a big thing for me.  I have combination skin which gets very oily in the summer and very dry in the winter.  I was apprehensive about face oils, like most people are.  I started by trying this oil by Herbivore.  I read so many raving reviews about it and thought why not?  You can buy a travel size from Nordstrom here.  I loved the Lapis Facial Oil but held back on rebuying because I did not feel like it was giving me 'results'.  Why did I love it?  It absorbs very well, made my skin feel soft and smooth, had no overpowering smell and kept my skin moisturized and plump without feeling oily.  When the Lapis Facial Oil ran out I decided to try the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, intrigued by the fact that it contains retinol.  This sample size is exactly what I bought.  In my opinion the Luna Sleeping Night Oil has the edge compared to the Lapis Facial Oil.  Why?  My skin is looking amazing lately and I haven't broken out in weeks.  Not one small pimple.  I think that in combination with my other nighttime go-to's, it has helped in reducing any lines I once had.  Not to brag or sound full of myself but my lines and wrinkles are almost non-existent.  I know, I am only 34 years old but I did have some lines and wrinkles months ago (the reason for the sudden advance in my skincare) and now they are gone.  I digress, to the Luna Sleeping Night Oil... my skin has been noticeably tighter, smoother and calm.  No red blotches, no pimples, no lines or wrinkles and a more balanced skin tone.  My makeup has been going on much more smoothly and I could not be happier when I look in the mirror these days.  I use it ever night before bed.

I don't mention fragrances often but I actually LOVE perfumes... and candles too!  I went to Sephora with the intent of buying my favorite scent; Chloe Fleur de Parfume $132 but they were all out!  I know, how does that happen?  I guess it was a busy Saturday.  I ended up buying Philosphy's Amazing Grace because the scent was similar to what I love about Chloe's scent.  It's soft, feminine, floral, clean and not over powering.  It's the type of scent that makes people around you notice you smell good but not that you are drenched in perfume.  In my very imaginative mind, when I spritz myself with this scent it gives me a little glow of pink and pretty, only lightly noticed.  It's especially perfect for summer but I intend to use it year round.  Will I go back and buy Chloe?  Yes.  I will most likely buy the travel size Chloe for vacation in September and will wait for my husband to pick up the full size for me soon.  That's one of the husband duties, right?  

I bought the travel size in this spray and will most likely rebuy the travel size again.  Why no full size for me?  I put on a nice, thin layer of sunscreen every morning (Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45) and unless I forget I don't really need this mist.  Well, that's not completely true... I usually walk with Bella for an hour in the morning (7am) but we always walk in the evenings as well.  For those evening walks I usually give myself a little Supergoop! spritz, because sunscreen fades with time and this touch up is quick and easy.  I also have been carrying it in my purse for when we have been out at BBQ's and get-together's where I have been in the sun for over a couple of hours.  It's so much easier to spritz than to lather.  This mist is also a makeup setting spray.  I don't wear a ton of makeup but can see how using a thin veil of this mist over your makeup (maybe wedding makeup?) is a must, because it does double duty.  All in all I love it for those forgetful SPF days, for outings in the sun and for travel.  I plan to travel with it in the future.  

This is the second time, maybe the third I will be mentioning this eye cream on the blog.  I love it and rebuy it whenever I run out.  I am about to run out, so I recently bought a back up.  I have tried so many eye creams but this is my favorite, by far.  It goes on smooth, does not have a build up and can be used day and night.  And the clincher... a little goes a long way.  One of these small jars will last for 6 months (in my opinion) depending on how often you use it.  Lately I have been putting it on at night over my Luna Sleeping Night Oil and every once in a while in the morning.  The combination is one I plan to keep using.  

In other notes:
I bought the sample size of Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum $85 in this sample pack and loved the Luna Sleeping Night Oil, as I mentioned above but was not impressed with the C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum.  It left me sticky all day.  I haven't tried using it at night because I have plenty of products (in my opinion) going on my face a night.  I was using it in the morning and then applying my sunscreen over it.  Maybe it's the combination?  But it was a no go for me.  This was actually disappointing to me because I have been looking for a Vitamin C serum that I can incorporate into my routine.  I will have to keep searching but for now I will stick to my lemon water.

I was gifted the sample size of Drunk Elephant Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream $60.  This was a gift because of my points, gotta love Sephora and their points system.  And I love it!  Why didn't I rebuy it?  I am faithful to my moisturizer; Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Water Gel and did not see a noticeable difference between the two.  The sample size I received as a gift has not run out yet but will soon.  Maybe I'll rebuy the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream and rotate the two... we will see.  

Speaking of Drunk Elephant... trying out a couple of their products, which seem to be hitting the beauty world in full force, was another intention of mine that Saturday.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the smell of the in-store samples and did not buy anything from the brand.  From what I remember, I tested out this, Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum and this, T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum and they both smelled weird, bad weird.  Like my husband would hate me if I slept next to him with either serum on my face.  I am still willing to retry them because they both get amazing reviews but not the full sized versions because of the smells.  

And now the one left behind...
I wanted to buy this, Rose Hair & Body Oil by Ouai but again Sephora was all out.  The oil is so lightweight and smells amazing.  They did have this, hair oil in stock but it didn't have the same, beautiful smell, so I left without hair oil.  More to write about next time I guess.  I plan on buying the Rose Hair & Body Oil soon with the high expectations of it being the best oil I have ever applied.

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