Dry Brushing and Why You Should Be Doing It

by - August 07, 2018

Do you dry brush?  Do you know what dry brushing is?  Or have you heard about dry brushing but are unsure how to and don't know what the benefits are?  Dry brushing seems to be a a hot topic again in the beauty/health world and since I dry brush I figured I'd share my experience and why I love it.  I started dry brushing about six years ago.  I read an article about a model (I think was it was Miranda Kerr) who dry brushes every morning and figured this might be the simplest thing I can do to attempt to look more like a model (half kidding of course).  I read so many great things about dry brushing in the article that I knew I had to give it a try.  I saw almost immediate results and have been hooked ever since.  Why have I not been doing this since the day I was born?  I don't religiously dry brush everyday but I try to do it at least three times a week. 

It is very self-explanatory, it's simply brushing the dry skin of your body with a natural bristle brush.  The brushing causes dry, older skin cells to fall off and allows new skin cells to produce.  In my opinion it is the best, easy, cheap way to keep skin looking and feeling, young and fresh.

-Dry brushing improves the condition of skin and since the skin is the largest organ in the body, the affect can ripple.  Meaning healthy skin can have a positive affect on other parts of the body, such as the nervous system (think nerve endings in the skin).  
-Dry brushing sheds dead skin cells which results in smoother, brighter skin and also helps to reduce in-grown hairs since they live underneath older skin cells. Less older skin cells means less in-grown hairs.  
-Dry brushing increases the skins blood circulation which allows the skin to detox and release toxins.  Especially one toxin that women are particularly concerned about, cellulite.  In my experience, the more I dry brush the less noticeable the dimples in my butt (sorry to be crass) cheeks are.  I usually am very diligent about dry brushing as much as possible before a beach vacation.  
-Dry brushing helps to unclog pores.  Many woman, despite age, suffer from body acne.  Dry brushing helps reduce body acne first, by removing dead skin cells and second, by opening the pores and allowing the body to absorb a treatment with more effectiveness.  
-Dry brushing feels good.  Simple as that, it's soft and soothing but also invigorating.

In my opinion there is no wrong way to dry brush as long as your skin is dry, no water, no freshly applied lotion or oil.  I've read that you should dry brush in long strokes towards your heart and others say circular motions, I say do what feels good.  I dry brush before most showers unless I am in a rush and I always apply a good lotion or oil immediately after my shower  The skin is fresh then and the pores are open, ready to absorb the benefits of a good moisturizer.  

Here is the exact dry brush I own and a couple other great options;
OneTwoThreeFour and Five.
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