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by - August 23, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  How was your week?  I had a strange one.  I was off on Monday, after working the weekend and managed to get a lot of stuff done because I got up early, 6 am-ish, to attack the day.  But unfortunately by midday I was starting to fell sick.  Dizzy, nauseous and my throat was throbbing, it was very strange.  Tuesday I woke up and barely made it through my workday, thank goodness I work from home.  I went to bed super early Tuesday night and chugged fluids like it was nobodies business, I hate feeling sick.  Than at 4 o'clock in the morning, Wednesday morning Bella fell off the bed!  She sleeps in bed with us because she's spoiled and I think I might have pushed her.  Our bed is high for her, she has little doggy steps to get into it and I can imagine the fall did not feel good.  I woke up suddenly at 4am to the sound of a very big thud against the floor (thank goodness we have carpet).  I ran right to her, picked her up and placed her like a baby back into bed.  She was wagging her tail but I instantly was a mess.  I think I might of had a panic attack.  I was crying, I couldn't breathe and all I could think was 'what if she broke her neck' and 'I'm such a horrible person for pushing her'.  Thankfully Bella is fine and I recovered quickly from freaking out but I still can not believe I did that to her and feel awful.  I figured I'd share this strange and unfortunate story with you in effort to stay transparent and honest.  My life isn't perfect, I have bad days, bad moments and freak outs just like everyone else and I hope to keep it real here on the blog and not perpetuate some sort of perfection.  

On another note I'm happy it's Friday and happy you guys liked this week's post.  Both posts got great responses.  Feel free to leave responses of any kind, I look forward to interacting more with you all as the blogging years eventually add up.  
Now on to this week's round up of fun and interesting articles I read...
'From Around The Web'

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Image Via: Bon Appetit

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Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

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