My Favorite Amazon Purchases 2.0

by - August 21, 2018

A couple months ago I shared this post all about some of my favorite Amazon purchases over the years.  The response was so great that I figured, why not do a follow up!?!  As I mentioned before, I started ordering from Amazon years ago and love ordering from Amazon.  When Amazon Prime came around it was a no brainer to purchase and now I have come to really enjoy all of their shows and movies.  K and love it when Prime has older movies on (I think they rotate their selection monthly or bi-weekly).  We especially like to watch the older Bond movies (when they are available), they're such classics.  Maybe my next Amazon post will be about what Amazon Original shows we've watched.  

I drink a lot of smoothies, iced coffee and recently watermelon margaritas.  They are all the kind of beverages that just seem to need a straw.  I had some plastic, reusable straws that had come with some of my tumblers and was using them until I decided to search for a better option.  These are great, they come with the cleaner brush and help me reduce my plastic usage (for health and environment reasons).  I can't believe I didn't buy these ages ago.  And if you're not into glass maybe because of children there are aluminum straws available on Amazon too, like these.  I went with glass over aluminum because I like to see that they are clean.

If your a homebody like me, you know what a steal 4 kitchen towels are for $10!  These are a simple black and white stripe but if you prefer color there are 6 more colorful options.  We use kitchen towels in our house non-stop.  We're always cleaning and I prefer to use a towel and wash it than use paper towels, cause you know, the environment.  They are also a great hostess gift come the holiday season, in a little basket with a nice soap, maybe some fresh flowers and a candle.  

Yes, it's real!  I actually didn't buy this plant for myself, instead I bought it for my friend who lives a distance away.  It's a funny story why... we were chatting about how her mother-in-law gifted her an expensive (I think she said $400) fiddle-leaf fig plant Christmas last year.  She had been coveting the plant and was so grateful to her MIL, but sadly she killed it.  Obviously not on purpose, but these things happen.  Her MIL was coming to visit her for a week (new baby) and she was really freaking out about the plant.  She spent a week searching garden stores but no luck.  Randomly one afternoon I remembered an article I read about Amazon opening their own plant 'store' and low and behold I found this guy.  I sent it to her and got to three texts from her... 1. Gosh f*&^ing bless you!  This was you right? (with a photo of the plant at her door) 2. You shouldn't have, it must have been expensive? (which I responded to her with the price, I have no shame) 3. A sneaky photo of her MIL with her newborn in her arms and the plant in the background!  Her MIL never noticed the difference between the expensive plant and the Amazon plant, mission accomplished.

I wish these were glass but they are not.  I am still on the search for those, but they do help me cut down on my plastic food storage bag usage.  I own almost all of them and use them all the time.  The lemon and tomato the most.

My friend kills fiddle-leaf fig plants and I kill succulents.  I don't know why.  I plan to use these in some pumpkins for Thanksgiving decor but for now they are arranged nicely in #6, on my dining room table.  It's a pretty centerpiece.  I'm also thinking about ordering these cotton stems to replace some eucalyptus I have in a vase right now, fall is just around the corner.

I'm the kind of girl who if she's not careful, will have a whole basement full off decorative bowls, vases, pillows, etc.  I'm a sucker for pretty home decor pieces and love to rotate them out depending one the season and my mood.  This bowl is a great decorative piece, at a great price and not as heavy as 100% concrete bowl since it's partially fiberglass.  

I bought this dog bed for Bella in it's grey version, I posted the beige color because it photographed better.  She loves it!  She needed an upgraded bed this year because she's getting spoiled, I mean getting older.  She needs something supportive, comfortable and soft.  It's incredibly plush, honestly if they made a human version I'd start taking naps.  I love looking over at her all curled up in it sleeping soundly and happily.  It comes in three sizes, I got the 30" for Bella.  It's also machine washable which helps it last longer.  

I keep some of these in my fridge for mornings when I have puffy eyes.  The cooling feeling just feels amazing and makes me feel as though the masks are working overtime in reducing my puffiness.  I found these after I decided that I needed to try a more affordable version of these eye patches.  I read the reviews, there are over 1000 of them and figured why not, for $4!  I like that they are mostly plant based and they really help to reduce puffy eyes, I would say by 50 to 80 percent depending on the day.  I don't have puffy eyes a lot because I get ample sleep but some moorings I feel I need a little touch up and these help.  I also like they way they make my under eyes feels more moisturized.  

Wireless mouses are a necessity for someone like me who spends the majority of her time on a laptop, working, blogging and just searching.  This cute mouse is only $16 and the reviews are insane, 4 1/2 stars out of 5 and over 5k reviews!  Even if you don't think you need a mouse this is worth a try, it will change they way you work at your laptop or computer.

I started ordering these after getting a couple over priced pedicures.  Supposedly the reason they were over priced was because I needed extra exfoliation which I understand and agree with but if there is a cheaper option you know I'm going to find it.  Your feet peel for a couple days and it's not pretty but your left with baby soft feet after.  Two masks come in each pack.  

K bought these for me last September because I had my eye on them for a while.  I was surprised to search Amazon and see that they are still available in so many sizes.  Leopard print is especially fun in the fall and I've read several articles that say animal prints, primarily leopard are going to be huge this fall.  Leopard is basically a fall neutral, it goes with everything and these loafers are so comfortable, I even wear them on Bella walks.

If you have been reading by more recent fashion posts on Mondays you might have noticed that I have been wearing the same pair of sunglasses every shoot.  I love the way these sunglasses look on me and have seen them look so good on so many different faces.  All shapes and sized faces.  Because I loose and break sunglasses at a rate that slightly embarrassing I like to buy duplicates of they more expensive versions.  This is a duplicate of these RayBan's.  

I bought this skirt for my upcoming trip Paris.  You might remember this post where I was pinning outfit inspiration for Paris.  I found a cute look of a gingham skirt and a 'la femme' tee and wanted to recreate it.  I've already worn this skirt a couple times and posted it to my Instagram.  It's the perfect price for a skirt you'll wear a couple of times because it's such a statement piece.  But it's such good quality you could really wear it more than a couple of times.  I've already washed it and put it in the dryer (mostly to shrink it a little) and it's held up perfectly.  It did shrink a little not a lot and looks very chic.

These leggings are the best low-priced workout leggings.  I prefer the high-waisted version.  They are supportive, stretchy and comfortable, they don't ride up the front or fall down.  My biggest issue with extra small sized workout leggings (in this price range) is that they aren't small enough and tend to fall down.  It's extremely annoying to be pulling up your pants throughout a workout.  These stay up and feel great.  I also like they way they look, smooth and they don't show any butt or thigh (excuse my crassness) dimples or budges.

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  1. For sure getting this fig plant!!

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    1. Yes! I'm so glad, it's such a great price. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  2. I'm always shopping at Amazon! Going to check what you've shared!

  3. I love the dog bed!! :) So comfy looking.

    I'd love for you to follow my blog and instagram.

    1. Bella loves hers! I just started following you on Instagram, thank you for stopping by.