This Girl's Guide To a Clean House

by - August 28, 2018

On thing I pride myself on is my home.  I especially love my home when it's clean and everything is in it's place.  But like every other woman out there, cleaning my home is not my favorite thing to do.  I try to keep cleaning simple and my tasks small.  That way it doesn't feel overwhelming or I don't end up wasting my whole day off cleaning just for it to be messy again the next day.  I've been told that I keep a clean home, so today I'm sharing 
with you how I easily maintain it.

1. Make your bed in the morning - I would say I make the bed 6 out of 7 days a week, which is pretty good, in my opinion.  By just simply making your bed your home will feel more put together and clean and most likely motivate you to tidy up other areas.  

2. Deep clean most used spaces weekly or bi-weekly (depending on household size) - We don't have children but do have a dog (Bella) so we deal with a lot of outdoors coming indoors and fur.  A deep clean once a week makes it easier to maintain the cleanliness during the week and keeps dirt and grime from building up.  The areas that I deep clean weekly or bi-weekly, are the master bathroom and the living room.  I don't need to deep clean my dining room, guest bathroom or guest room often.  

3. Pick something to clean and set a timer - I do this so that I can focus on one area.  I set a timer so that I don't get distracted and find myself in the kitchen when I was supposed to be in the bathroom getting it ready for guests.  Setting a timer whether it be 5, 10 or even 30 minutes can actually cut your cleaning time down, because it keeps you focused on one task.  For example Monday, you set a five minute timer to wipe down the main bathroom, Tuesday another timer to sweep the kitchen and wipe the kitchen countertops, Wednesday a timer to tidy up kids toys, you get the point.  Small tasks help to cut down on bigger ones.  

4. Run the dishwasher at night - We run the dishwasher at night and always have clean dishes in the morning.  It helps to have a routine that keeps clean dishes available, especially for those households with kids.

5. Spend five minutes or less, before bed, tidying up and fluffing pillows - Most households spend time in the living or family room before bedtime and the space can get messy in the couple of hours spent their.  I like to take a minute and put things where they belong and if need be make tidy pile and fluff the pillows so that when I return to the room again it feels in order.  

6. Declutter and clean out closets often - I don't let mail or junk pile up because I'm slightly OCD about keeping a clean counter top.  But if your not as strange as I am, it's good to set aside time to attack those little piles so that they don't become big piles.   Also it's human nature to hide excess junk in closets and to have stuff in closets that aren't being used.  It's important to get into those closets and clean them out every once and a while.  I have a bunch of clothes and shoes that don't get worn so I either try to re-sell them or donate them.  Decluttering and 
cleaning out closets is tough for a lot of people because they hold on to things because of sentimental value.  My advice to those people is, take a picture of it or remind yourself that you don't 'need' that thing.  Less is more, truly.  

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  1. definitely going to incorporate these tips because I always put it off until I can't (or when my parents are coming over) ahaha -- thanks for sharing!
    xx jen

    1. Glad you liked my tips and thank you for stopping by!