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by - September 14, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  Tonight I am hoping on a plane and headed to London for four days and then I'm off to Paris for another four.  I having been looking forward to this trip for months and now that it's here I almost can't believe it.  Getting to this day did not come without it's hurdles.  Bella got very sick this week, so sick that we contemplated not going on this trip.  She has Vestibular Disease which many call Old Dog Disease.  The symptoms mimic those of a stroke, which had K and I terrified and in hysterics.  She has been extremely dizzy, unable to walk straight, she falls while walking and cannot climb the stairs or get up onto the couch.  Luckily she will recover from Vestibular Disease, most dogs fully return to normal in a weeks time.  Needless to say, my emotions have been all over the place.  I am so grateful that she did not have a stroke but so sad that she has to go through this.  I'm also feeling overcome with guilt because we are leaving her for ten days.  We have a great caregiver coming to our home to take care of her and I have confidence in him but wish the timing wasn't so poor.  I am beyond looking forward to to enjoying our trip and focus on the fact that Bella is still healthy and I am so lucky to get to come home to her.  Follow along with me in London and Paris on Instagram.  I'l l be posting a lot of daily fun in my stories and outfits in my feed.  And now on to a round up of the fun and interesting articles that I read this week,
'From Around The Web'...

Image Via: Dogington Post

Image Via: The Atlantic

Image Via: The Everygirl

Image Via: Yogurt In Nutrition

Image Via: She Said

Image Via: Vulture

Image Via: Honestly WTF

Image Via: Medium

Image Via: New York Magazine

Image Via: Bon Appetit

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