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by - September 27, 2018


How has your week been?  Mine was strangely quick.  I guess I'm still living on that vacation high. I'm still editing photos and trying to write out a couple more blogposts.  I have to tell you, I fell in love with Paris.  The streets are so full of art, history and love.  It's truly the most romantic city I have ever visited.  More so than Barcelona and I really loved Barcelona.  I enjoyed London and it's class but Paris stole my heart.  I could stare at the streets of Paris for days and days and never get bored.  Something about Paris made me want to get off my phone and focus on everything in front of me so I took an Instagram posting break.  When I post my Instagram photos I edit them and I get really picky so I took a break from all of that and decided to live in the moment as we explored Paris as a family.  It was great feeling.  K and I picked up local French wine to have back at our hotel room after the nights out as a family and we spent our evenings talking and watching silly movies in French.  It was really funny because neither of us speak French so we tried to decipher what the actors were saying and made up our own storyline.  The wine was good, the storylines were good and I was in the best company, Paris feelings in a nutshell.  I'll be back sometime next week with our pre-Paris itinerary and what we actually did, ate and where we stayed in Paris blogposts.  For now here are the fun and interesting articles I read this week,
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