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by - September 04, 2018

It has been a while since I've written about post about the TV shows I'm watching or have recently watched.  K and I watch a decent amount of TV and have a tendency to get really into shows, especially those binge worthy action, crime and suspenseful shows.  I've decided to rate these TV shows I'm watching or have recently watched on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I'm going to rate them using a 1 to 10 system, 1 being the worst 10 being the best.  And of course I have a little commentary about each show, without spoilers!

The Crown gets a 10.  It just might be my favorite show from today's post.  It's only two seasons in and could unravel but I am in love with the mix of history and drama.  The acting is incredible and I will be sad to see some actors go because the producers plan to bring in new actors as the characters age, makes sense.

Goliath gets a 1 because season 2 tanked so badly that it really ruined the show for me.  Season one is worth watching but do not bother watching season two, the story makes no sense and goes no where.  I read that Billy Bob Thornton (the lead character) was extremely angry how badly season two turned out.

Sneaky Pete gets an 8.  It's a great show that keeps you guessing and has several good story lines involving a mix of all the characters. What makes the characters so interesting is that they all have their own secrets to hide or hidden agendas.  I like season one more than season two but will most definitely be binging season three as soon at is released.  

Money Heist gets a 8.  I really enjoyed his show even though I watched it with the voices dubbed over by english speaking actors.  It's a Spanish show about a robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain and it's true title is La Casa de Papel, meaning the paper house.  The reason I didn't watch it in Spanish is because they speak so fast it's hard for me to keep up, my Spanish is rusty and K doesn't speak Spanish.  But the dubbing didn't really matter because the plot, the suspense and the ending were so good.  Some characters I hated while others I was rooting for even tough they were criminals and the ending really made it all worth it.

The Staircase gets a 3 because I feel like it was in accurate with the truth.  I don't ever truly enjoy documentaries that are made so that you can see a situation from one side, I want all the information and all the facts.  The Staircase did not deliver that.  All in all if you like these new crime documentaries it's worth the watch but don't take it as the truth, do your own research and form your own opinion, because endless facts were left out.

Absentia get a 5.  Other reviewers seem to really like it.  I agree that the drama and suspense are good, but I didn't like the ending.  I think they could of done a better job with the story of 'why' with the serial killer.  For me it was basically background noise as I wrote blogposts because I lost interest with the story line and the characters.  I didn't believe their reactions to the plot were relatable or real.  

The Americans gets a 9.  It's a great show and ran for 6 great seasons.  I wasn't crazy about season 5 because it was slow but all in all it was suspenseful, full of action and surprises and I was pleased with the finale.  Also the acting and costumes are amazing.  

Orange is the New Black gets a 7.  I have my ups and downs with this show.  I really enjoyed the first season but others not so much.  Some of the seasons a very hard to watch and but season 6 (the most current season) brought it back around for me.  It was a good season with good story lines.  I will be watching season 8 when it comes out.

Ozark gets an 8.  I like the story lines and I like that you really have to invest your time for the big season finales.  It's a satisfying feeling.  Jason Bateman is such a great actor and I love him in this role.  I'm not crazy about Laura Linney, I think they could have chosen a better actress.  I haven't finished season 2 yet but am enjoying it so far.

Bosch gets a 10!  I love, love this show.  It has a different main plot every season and so far they have all been perfect in the sense that it delivers a full exciting story that makes you want to watch nonstop.  It's not often with a show that I enjoy the third season as much or more than the first season but Bosch season 3 was incredible.  It really surprised me and I'm excited for season 4.  

Disenchantment gets a 9.  It's cute, light and hilariously funny, laugh out loud funny.  We finished the first season in just a couple days.  If you like The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad, you are going to like this show.  I actually might watch it again, just as background noice while I write blogposts and for a giggle.

The Fall gets a 6 because of the acting.  The storyline was good, creepy, scary and suspenseful.  But the acting was just awful.  And the sexual tension was creepy and it felt overplayed.  I do think that the ending delivered for the most part.  I was happy it did not drag on further, because it could have.

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