4 Days in London

by - October 01, 2018

Happy Monday friends!  It's finally time for me to break down the details of our trip to London, you can find our pre-written itinerary here.  I'll start with a bit about our hotel and then give you the play by play on what we did and where we ate everyday.  

Corinthia Hotel London
A big thank you to my parents for splurging for our hotel in London.  The Corinthia is a luxury hotel that did not spare on service or hospitality.  I was truly impressed but also pleased with the fact that the staff was friendly and sweet.  I made friends with one of the gentleman at the front door, Dias, he was the nicest guy and gave me the scoop on everything that was happening in the hotel.  What was happening in the hotel you ask?  Well, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick were staying there while they were promoting their new movie and also Tom Hardy was apart of a press junket being held in the hotel for some new movie!  K (my husband), R (my brother) and L (my future sister in law) rode in an elevator with Anna Kendrick.  R and L were fully aware of who they were riding with but K, not so much, he was clueless, God love him.  Our room (video of our room from the hotel) was amazing, the bathroom alone almost as large as my first apartment.  It had a large soaker tub with a TV for lounging in the bath, a double vanity and a huge rain shower, all adorned in marble.  K and I got lucky and our room had two balconies over looking the courtyard, it was so nice to leave the balcony doors open and enjoy the fresh air.  The hotel has a huge spa that we never took advantage of but we did dine every morning at the hotels restaurant, Northall.  There is also a small speak-easy type bar, Bassoon, where we had some fantastic craft cocktails.  When we first arrived at the hotel on Saturday afternoon it was packed in the quietest, most proper way I have ever seen for high tea.  The Crystal Moon Lounge, located in the center of the hotel, serves full service high tea, seated my reservation.  Everyone was so well dressed and poised, I'm still practicing my 'high tea at the Corinthia' pose.  They also make the frothiest, delicious lattes in the world, I probably had about ten during our four day stay.

The outside of the hotel


Crystal Moon Lounge

Day One - Saturday 9/15
After getting washed up at the hotel we headed out to see the sights within walking distance.  We found the Underground Station nearest our hotel, then crossed the Golden Jubilee Bridge to the London Eye and Jubilee Gardens.  We then crossed the Westmintser Bridge (a U turn) to Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and then grabbed fish and chips at St. Stephens Tavern.  And those fish and chips were so perfect!  I could have eaten them the whole trip.  After eating we were exhausted and needed to rest at the hotel again before heading to diner at Goodman, a British steak house.  To get to Goodman we decided to take the Underground and found that it was a short ride so why not?  Well that was interesting, the Underground was strangely expensive (I'm used to New York City and Philadelphia) and it was so packed it was insane.  We made it to dinner and ate our hearts out.  I think I ate my weight in meat and my brother was eating his off the bone (bone in something, of course). Sorry for the lack of pictures from dinner, we were having too much fun.  It was a perfectly successful first day.

Having fun in front of double decker buses

The London Eye

R and L taken by K in front of the London Eye

The Red Lion

Day Two - Sunday 9/16
This day was a rough start.  K and I woke up to a phone call from my mother at 10 am.  We were supposed to meet in the lobby at 10 am!  K is never late and I am less and less these days so you can imagine how embarrassed we were.   Especially embarrassed after I laughed at my dad for suggesting the 10 am, late start, I wanted to start earlier, ha!  After we finally gathered ourselves we headed out to St. James Park, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.  All three are so gorgeous, beautifully manicured and full of wild flowers.  I was giddy over the flowers.  I didn't catch a glimpse of the Queen, Meghan or Kate, maybe next time.  After wandering the parks we headed to Picadilly Circus for shopping and grabbed lunch at 5th View which is located on the5th floor of Waterstones (a huge book store).  K got a scotch egg and we shared some french fries.  French fries in London always come with mayo which is how I think they were intended to come.  After lunch we found our way to the Churchill War Rooms and although we waited in a bit of a line it moved very quickly.  There was a film crew working on the steps above the Churchill War Rooms, the steps were blocked off and we were all very curious what they were filming.  L asked a part of the crew and found out they were filming a scene of the upcoming season of The Queen!  I was so excited, it's one of my favorite shows.  Again I didn't catch a glimpse of any of the stars, bummer.  The War Rooms were very interesting and a bit sad, to think they that every night the city was getting bombed and Churchill worked tirelessly to defeat the Nazi army.  After the War Rooms it was time to get ready for an epic dinner at The Ledbury.  I wore this rainbow dress, finally I had another occasion to wear it!  It was a seven course dinner, some of us got a wine pairing to go with it, K and I spilt a bottle of wine instead.  The staff was so friendly to us, they even invited the six of us into the kitchen to watch our next plate being plated!  It was unreal and a real surprise.  It was truly a fantastic culinary experience.  Another great day.

Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park

Churchill War Rooms

The Ledbury

Day Three - Monday 9/17
We started the day at this incredible sunny day by taking the Underground to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.  This Underground ride was a lot easier and calmer, thankfully.  We walked the high rise glass floor walk which was so much fun, my mom and I even laid down on the glass over the cars crossing the bridge below us.  Afterward we headed to Borough Market, it was lunchtime and extremely packed.  Much like the Underground a couple nights before.  K and I split a lamb wrap from one of the vendors and I drank two freshly made lemon, mint iced teas.  This was a morning full of walking and it didn't stop there, my brother's bucket list stop on this trip was at the Ministry of Sound where the Stones once played.  He was so adorably excited and well worth the long walk.  My family needed a break from all the walking, it doesn't sound like a lot but at this point we had already walked about 4 miles.  The Tower Bridge and Tower of London are very large.  I don't normally run out of energy on vacation and luckily for me K and my dad were right by side and up for a pint at a local watering hole.  K found The Harp, full of locals, some older guys who looked like they had been drinking all morning and it filled up as we sipped our beers.  The rest of our group was still resting so we wandered over to The Sherlock Holmes Pub, which was conveniently located across the street from our hotel, for one more pint.  When everyone was ready we rested our tired feet by taking an Uber to the area called Shoreditch.  Shoreditch is a very hipster, cool, street art and cool bar filled area.  We all loved it.  Especially my brother and L, they are the youngest, cooler ones in our group.  As I planned in our itinerary we had cocktails at Callooh Callay and dinner at Fifteen.  The cocktails I had at Callooh Callay was one of the most innovative drinks I've had in a long time.  The bathrooms are located through a wardrobe then down a black and white splattered hallway, I absolutely loved it.  

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Borough Market

The Harp


Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay

Day Four - Tuesday 9/18
The weather was in true London form on day 4, dreary and grey, perfect in my opinion.  We started our day at Westminster Abbey, which at first I was not sure I wanted to tour but I was very wrong.  It's so incredibly beautiful and rich with history.  The architecture is unbelievable, I wish there had been a little more on the audio tour about the architecture but that's what Google is for.  After Westminster Abbey we finally made it to Sketch for high tea.  We decided to walk-in without a reservation because they only take reservations for groups up to the size of 5 people.  Weird, right?  But it worked out well because I don't think my dad would have been up for a couple hours of high tea in a bright pink, lady finger chair room.  Confused?  The photo is below.  Sketch was so much fun and so photogenic, the bathrooms are like eggs and instead of music playing there are birds chirping.  What most people don't know that although Sketch's most photographed room is the pink room (which has an actual name which I'm unable to figure out from the website), is that it actually has 4 dining rooms.  The front room where we sat and ate, the pink room, a green, garden looking room across from the pink room and a Michelin star restaurant in a room called The Library upstairs.  I can officially check Sketch off my list and it feels good, since I've been dying to see that pink room for years.  Next we attempted a little history, museum fun at the British Museum which house the Rosetta Stone.  The museum is huge, overwhelmingly huge.  We found the Rosetta Stone and then opted to make our way, via Uber to Harrods for shopping.  I love Harrods, it's like a museum in itself, a whole city block large.  My brother and L didn't make it to Harrods with us because they had dinner reservations at Dishroom, for Indian food.  The rest of us had dinner at Northall back at the hotel.  And again the service was impeccable and we drank some of the most delicious wine.  A Pinot Noir from Burgundy, which I didn't even know existed.  The perfect ending to our London trip.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey



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  1. Looks like a great trip! I'm trying to narrow down our sights and activities!
    The Sarcastic Blonde

    1. Thank you Taylor! It was an amazing trip. I can't wait to follow along on your trip soon.