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by - October 04, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  How was your week?  Mine was full of successful moments and I'm feeling ready to have a refreshing and relaxing fall weekend.  Did I mention that last Saturday (9/29) was my birthday?  I think I forgot to mention that in last Friday's post.  I turned 35!  I'm not huge on celebrating my bday, most likely why I forgot to mention it.  I'm happy about turning 35.  Recently I've kicked up my workouts so I am in pretty good shape, almost fighting shape and my skincare regimen has been keeping the wrinkles at bay, so I am short of complaints.  K and I are headed on a hike this Saturday morning with little Miss Bella and Sunday I plan to cook up some fun snacks and plant our butts on the couch for football all day, Fly Eagles Fly!  We are also in the middle of finalizing a little getaway to Woodstock New York, the last week of October.  And I almost Forgot, this Monday K and I are celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary.  I hope to post the full, detailed recap of what we did in Paris Monday as well, latest Wednesday, I promise.  To tie you over until then here are the fun and interesting articles I read this week,
"From Around The Web"...

Image Via: rrayyme

Image Via: Grub Street

Image Via: Inc.

Image Via: Well and Good

Image Via: BBC

Image Via: Marie Claire

Image Via: Cosmopolitan

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