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by - October 18, 2018

Happy Friday friends!  Did you have a nice week?  Or even, better a successful one?  I had a good week, despite the weather.  The weather is crazy here in Pennsylvania.  It went straight from extremely warm and grossly humid, to down right cold and windy, hot tea weather.  It's frustrating because fall is so beautiful and the weather is usually so mild but this is not fall and I don't think we'll see real weather this year.  On a more positive note, my mom and I went shopping on Monday and really did some good work.  She was shopping with the purpose of adding light and bright accents to her finished basement.  We found a lot of really great stuff at Target and really pretty throw pillows HomeGoods.  I love HomeGoods but they already have aisles of Christmas decor on display.  It's too soon!!!  This weekend K and I have dinner plans 
at Devil's Acre on Saturday night.  On Sunday we plan to get a good hike in, first thing in the morning and then cuddle up for football and beer for the rest of the day.  I'm hoping to shoot a pretty outfit for the blog over the weekend as well, but as of right now I have no idea what that outfit might be.  Maybe one of my recent chunky sweater purchases or maybe something I bought while I was on vacation last month?  I'll figure out soon, until then here are the 
fun and interesting articles I read this week,
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